Thomas A. Denney Fashion

The following are designs created by Thomas A. Denney
and are NOT FOR SALE on this website. For items you can purchase click here
For DESIGNS you can purchase click here.

Gypsy Goddess available here

Iron Maiden inspired design for YRU Shoes

Original Leggings created for Urban Outfitters

Atlantean Priestess Leggings for Luna Jai Athletic

My original painting “Dawn of Mind” transformed into leggings. Find out more.



Dress I designed

My Geometric Patterns for Luna Jai Athletic Wear

Original Geometric Pattern Art

“Cosmic WInk” Leggings for Luna Jai

Geometric pattern Leggings for Nasty Gal

Hidden Knowledge Occult leggings for Lip Service MORE INFO

Lace Print for Hot Topic


Collaboration with Kill City Jeans for Urban Outfitters

Leggings designed for Urban Outfitters- more info

My KVLT Barbie Party Leggins and Top

As seen at Urban Outfitters

Hot Topic Designs

Faux Leather Biker Jacket

Check out my METALLICA spoof artwork

Designing embroidery for WIDOW- more details

Hand Drawn Skeletal Dress for Nasty Gal

Orriginal Plaid Pattern design by Tom Denney

Designing embroidery for WIDOW- more details

Hot Topic hand drawn designs

Contemporary fashion forward designs
and legging designs for ENVY US brand of junior leggings

Leggings that look like denim jeans. These are fully sublimated, which means they are printed to look like worn denim when actually they are polyester

My designs for “French Bazaar” are the “freshest looking prints from any vendors”

Junior Navajo Patterns

Kids Designs

The finished Product

Mens- Hand Drawn Rock n Roll

As seen at Hot Topic

I can also do dark and brooding images and original hand drawn artworks…


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Recent Art