Interdimensional Mastery Blanket

This is the front….

“THE LIGHT BEARER BURDEN” Some words about those who quest for more spiritual sustinacne and meaning; This absolutely and positively begins with the most integral and fundamental aspects of claiming a soverign mind, and that is to TURN OFF YOUR T.V.  The compunction of spirit is inhibited, or dare I say, stopped dead in its tracks by television media. This includes tivo, netflix, youtube, and any form of entertainment where you suspend your personal imagination. Your personal imagination is your bridge to the other realms, where spirit and soul communicate through symbols and imagery that are limitless in their infinite nature. Nothing will subvert this sacred bridge and deprive you of the key to this gateway faster than the mindless perversions of psychic detritus which emanates from every second of modern main stream “entertainment”. Just as one can not sustain a healthy lifestyle from a constant diet of taco bell and fast food, so is the same of your mental diet.

To become a master of ones self, and to take that sojourn of self awakening and inner discovery, one must master the mental intake.


There are many levels to the media monopoly over the minds of world culture, far too much in fact to touch on here. What I offer is only the key, for the seeker, for the young and uninitiated or even for the adept, I implore you to heed this tool wisely. It is only a matter of TURNING OFF YOUR T.V. Instead, turn inward. Find your own path, explore your own unique perspective. Concern yourself not with the soul sucking aspects of what filth and abominations spew forth from moment to moment from entertainment media. It is perfectly all right, once in a while, to be inspired by the art of a fantastic film maker, yet this could quickly lead to a trap, any serial consumption of some story line, some series, is a great folly. You must choose if you are but part of the flock, or if you are a shepherd. To walk the path of a mystic, or a visionary, is to walk outside of the flock, to dwell alone from a higher vantage point. You will find though, that you are not alone on that lofty apex, there will be others who are also unplugged. To be a creator, is to dissaociate oneself from the hive of consumption. You must choose if you are a creator of culture, or a consumer of it. To find the tools to make your personal choice, you must first and foremost TURN OFF YOUR T.V. turn off your radio, and turn down the trip to the cinema. This is the only way to shut off the noise, so that you can tune into your own inner voice. It is a quite voice, and once you hear it, nothing else will matter. Unless you want to be a consumer, in which case, yes, follow whats on T.V. and buy this blanket. The back is geometricly designed to channel energy in and project intent outward via a living void.

The back of this blanket is also a powerful meditation tool.


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