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Yes, I know I haven’t posted new art in a while…but there is a good reason, which I will not tell you.

Also, the doctor bills from my poison ivy experience have come in, and it ain’t pretty. Read my POISON EYEVY blog for details. It would be quite awesome of you, the viewer of this art, if you enjoy, to help support me in this time…best way is by purchasing some of my AWESOME limited edition swag!

I am a big fan of Max Igan and part of his contribution to this planet as of late is his American Voice Radio. He uses allot of great Images and in his newest broadcast he used one of my pieces of art to exemplify his message. Maxwell is sort of a spiritual warrior artist, film maker, researcher and novelist, and it fills me with a certain confidence and corroboration that he was drawn to my art out of the blue, and used it as part of a collage with a positive and spiritual message.
This is the full image

I don’t know if I will ever know what his interpretation would be,but it certainly has the four season, primal mother self abatement motif inspired by our worldly situation.
I highly recommend giving a listen to the video below and going to the there is ALLOT of fantastic mind blowing info from an artists perspective. I recommend his FREE book about the mysteries of the world entitled EARTHS FORBIDDEN SECRETS
Very compelling and WAY BETTER THAN JERSEY SHORE!!!

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