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November Live art Schedule

Election Day Madness
Tuesday Nov 9 On election day I will be projecting some of my new animations during the transcendental noise sets at LA CITA tomorrow…

Really looking forward to AndorKappen!!!

Midnight Communion (two days/locations)
Friday, November 11th, Que Sera (21+) at 8pm
I will have all my New Leggings and Art books while playing is

Really looking forward to Damad and Cough on the second day!
Saturday, November 12th, Dipiazzas (18+) at 4pm
Here is a preview of some of my goods…

event page

I will be one of the “Plus More” artists doing live art.

 event page

Good times til the good times are over.

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Worlds Apart 2

Saturday Nov 19th I will be doing Painting Live
with some of the SICKEST crust bands in East LA.

Here is a video Cyphlon made of what Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love” sounds like
%30 Slowed Down. The video features a grip of the new graphics and pencil sketches fresh off the drawing table. Hope to see you out there…Out somewhere beyond the void

Also I have new art prints, pillows and Cell Phone Cases…