It’s not just a print, it is a functional technology!


Its not just a print, it is a functional technology

This tutorial video demonstrates how to engage with the stargate technology
The blanket is a meditational tool that opens gateways into other realms of thought.
Engaging with the geometric patterns on the art can ignite a fifthdimensional experience.

By holding hands and connecting to the eyes of  our Lady of the Equinox you gain new insights which enables the User to transmit and receive healing.
While gazing into the geometric spirals, the conscious mind is bypassed with hypnotic meditative mandalas that allow for the subconscious to be pulled into awareness that opens one to send and receive messages, symbols, ideas and more. See the video for more info.

This is the back
Sit in the center circle for healing meditational settings.

It is not just a blanket. It is a meditative Tool which contains geometric aspects that help channel energy in
as well as push intent out into the universe via the power of a living void.

And they happen to be Incredibly soft, not unlike like the skin on a baby newborn unicorn. There are five designs, available upon request