The Messiah of Doom is a DVD ZINE
capturing the look and feel of the early 2000s

“There’s no need for fancy jargon or
colorful words upon this review, the
Doomed Messiah DVD has got the goods
and it’s as simple as that. The question is
what do you want in a DVD? Killer sound
and visual quality? A fistful of kick ass
heavy bands playing live? Mind bending
graphics and artwork? Splashes of
destruction, psychedelia and the occult? Roll
all that up and throw some animated porn
for all you perverts out there..
that’s exactl what you get, a front row
seat viewing of some of the most brutal
bands pounding out the decibels at high
volumes and a roller coaster ride into the
mind of creator Tom Denney.
If you enjoy this man’s art then you’re gonna
worship his DVD project; Doomed Messiah.”