I unleash part 1 and 2 of a new mini web series based in the illustrious world of madness and mind control that is ALUKAB. For fans of VHS Glitch art and Trance Animations. Get a weekly dose of my newest animations and the continued story of Samuel Gossimer and the Prussian General... Continue reading

MARCH live art and NEW PRINTS

Spring has arrived and so it is time to plant the seeds anew, fresh paint, and art imagery never seen until now. Continue reading

Solstice of the Blue Star

New Ritual art for this winter solstice. Phone Skins and Tote Bags and more... Continue reading

New Leggings and Artbook in time for Xmas

Featuring new art prints and leggings I designed for Elektrix Love, as well as my art book on Holiday Special. Also listen in on my newest podcast ... Continue reading

November Live art Schedule

This month is slammed with live art and visual performances. I will be presenting images in multimedia forms all over Los Angeles County and here is compiled all the dates and details. Continue reading


Just in time for Halloween 2016. This new image was created under the passing of the Equinox. It is a commemorative art print to celebrate the transition of our people into the underworld this Autumn. Continue reading

SEPTEMBER 11th Gallery Show

This weekend I am doing a VIDEO INSTALLATION to observe the 15th passing of SEP11. My video art will be playing on a loop on Sat Sep 10 and Sunday Sep 11. There will be very cool LA based bands and tons of other artists all with very psychedelic reflections of this post 911 world. Continue reading

A Time Lapse look into my sketchbook

Check out this time lapse video of sketchbook drawings coming to life, also with prints available. Continue reading


Check out my newest incarnation of the spirit of Joshua tree in these new awesome leggings made from recycled plastic bottles! Continue reading

The Cosmic Carnival

Take a look at my set up from the Cosmic Carnival, as well the original painting which found a new home there. Continue reading


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