Esoteric Goat of Mendes Baphomet Goat Scull Witch Geometry 70s Witch House Tee


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The Portal Dreamer
A Portal directly into the eye of chaos can only be managed by Mastered Mind.
Through careful study of reality and consciousness does one awaken to this
ultimate liberation. Provided the keys of decoding, the Geometry, Symbolism
and Intention are all in alignment. A trinity of
unfoldment reveals this astounding window into higher realms of thoughtful
The door is locked and guarded and there are few who could even comprehend
its far reaching value even when presented with it. To the chosen few is this
work divinated as an aspect of silent reflection and unteachable knowing. To
find the keys to this portal and become its Master, one must be confronted
with the enigma of Spirit. It is through this force and this authority that aware-
ness master shall unveil its multidimensional presence.
The unknowable aspect of a Hexagon is that it itself is the existing resonant
geometry of the field integral to portal technology. Walking the angles with the
eyes is but one way the adept can achieve a discipline to unlocking the inner
eye without external stimuli. The lions share of the work is to come by this
awakening naturally. To speak of this to others is to invoke unnecessary resis-
tance. The adept must keep the practice of this wisdom a solemn secret, and of
the pride in knowing this symbology must he swallow whole. For power told is
power lost, and the key shall be pressed firm to the tongue in wardship. Here
you will find the divergent path and in there the master key to mystic opera-
tions and alchemical initiation.

.: Loose-fit
.: 50% Polyester; 25% Soft cotton; 25% Rayon
.: Light fabric (4.3 oz/yd² (146 g/m²))
.: Sewn in label

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