Summer of 2010 I spent in Chicago again uniting with sonic sorcerers to form the well unknown I KLATUS. Here is the newest song we wrote together being performed live at the Abbey pub in August. Song title “Portals Under the Lake”


Here is another one of I Klatus playing “John of the Network” at the Empty bottle in Chicago in July.


We finished our new record, and it is now being mastered. 12 songs of great magnitude. We are looking for a label to join with in unleashing upon the earth. Sample the studio track “Antedeluvian Knowledge” with our fallen friend Tariq Ali on bass.

I Klatus-“Antedeluvian Knowledge”

This is the last song Tariq ever recorded I have been making noise with I Klatus for ten years now. Listen to some of the earliest recordings with this free mp3 I Klatus “Ramble” from 2001. You can check out our 2008 full length release at i tunes or Abyss Records

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