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ALUKAB episode 6



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The Resurrection of ALUKAB and the 20 year time loop brings Episode 6. The Psychic warfare reveals itself as Mister Suitich makes his way through a labrinth of madness. The continuing story of self awareness and esoteric unfoldment brings us to the discovery of orbital mind control laser systems and the fifth dimensional infrastructure which enables their tyranny over human thought. The discovery of this belongs to one lone reporter that members of an undisclosed group of desert dwelling mystics are secretly manipulating by way of deadly mind control frequencies, transmitted through ominous towers placed through out every metropolitan city in America. How can VHS tape be used to control minds.. The mystery continues to unfold as we discover where the lost VHS has been taken and the consequences which befall those who misuse the meditation cube. Featuring Chris Wozniak, BrenNoid MoonFaze, Max DeRouche, Mike MceVoy, Will Wulf, Jason McDaniel, and John Bomher

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I KLATUS release new album and video

The band I Klatus has been making noise since 2001. This is the latest…
The full lenght drops OCT 13-
This is the video for “BENEATH THE WAVES”

“Beneath The Waves” presents its sound, raw, desert and stoner, where Tom Denney with his guitar and voice, nicknamed the madness, leaves us his deliriums, in which we enter slowly but without pause. The presence of Chris Wozniak in the percussion and the bass of John Bomher, increase the atmosphere and the density of the compositions, but that we have a surprise provided by the fourth member of the band Robert Bauwens, that is in charge of the robotic passages and gongs that resonate in the album, giving a different touch to the ensemble. This is shown in the robotic chorus of this first cut, which I love.”- Review from Necromance Digital Magazine

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I made this video to detail my process of illustration and coloring using photoshop

This is almost like some alien abductee style art. I explain in the video how images like this tend to manifest of one single vision from a dream or hallucination.

Deep within the Reiki Healing emits through the hands and into the Antenna.
Check out how to get Art Prints of “The Healer of the Ant People”

You can even get this one as a duvet cover

Adorn your comfort zones with this healing soft PILLOW CASE



Lest we fail to mention ALUKAB! This ten piece webseries af mystery and mindcontrol will enthrall you to the bone. Watch the newest ebisodes and subscribe for more animations and bizarre glitch video straight out of the vortex.

If you enjoy the sounds of ALUKAB then know they are made by CYPHLON. Here is another new set of vortex swampmoon weirdness…

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D3C0D3D in the DES3RT 2

APR 15-17 is
D3C0D3D in the D3S3RT 2

Just got back from my renegade gallery interactive sonic art installation in the Mohave desert #d3c0d3d is me forcing my artwork onto nature as I use multiple overlapping high luminance projectors to temporarily impose my art onto the rock face of the desert canyon walls. The full result will be on my website soon accompanied by repetitive hypnogogic sound frequencies emitted at high decibels with portable sound wave tone generator devices. All of which was generated on the spot with out pre-recording the intent was to overlap these elements to induce psychotropic environments for psychotomimetic healing effects in a shamanic setting.

This process is called#D3C0D3D . There will be other sonic warriors, performance artists, noize tone generators, and renegade visionaries taking part of what is to be known as D3C)D3D in the D3S3R† 2

DivineBrick @ D3C)D3D in the D3S3R† 2 (4/16/16)


Amazing Performance by ANDORKAPPEN


A video posted by @wulff_pack on



A video posted by @wulff_pack on


D3C0D3D is itself a ritual in visual and sonic rites in which the experiencer is lead into hypnogogic realms of hallucinatory vision through over lapping multi projected video and tonal tides which wash over the consciousness of the participant to allow for multidimensional decoding of subconscious thoughts and universal higher self concepts.

I have created a Renegade Gallery art installation where I projed my newest experimental video on the rock face of the canyon walls of the Mohave desert. I have been doing experimental video since i was 14, and I am taking those old films and overlapping them with my newest using multiple high luminance projectors. The result will be one of a kind and accompanied by repetitive hypnogogic sound frequencies emitted at high decibels with portable sound wave tone generator devices. The intent was to overlap these elements to induce psychotropic environments for psychotomimetic healing effects in a shamanic setting. This process is called‪#‎D3C0D3D‬ . Sonic warriors, performance artists, noize tone generators, and renegade visionaries taking part of what is to be known as D3C)D3D in the D3S3R† 2. It is THIS WEEKEND apr 15 and %100 percent free. YOU ARE ENCOURAGED to BARE WITNESS to the opening of the vortex through sight and sound far away from the wi-fi and city lights. This weekend only~ Mohave…
STAY TUNE for the NEXT D3(0D3D

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Music: I Klatus

Also featuring guest vocals and nightmare sounds by Pop Levi
Video by Directed by; Tom A. Denney www.tomdenney.comFeaturing the leatherwork and craft of Tony Koehl
Featuring the costuming and firework of Maya Papaya

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Body Painting and Doom Riffs

Its been a busy time full of performance art and music.
Nagual Sun has been gearing up and sharpening the spear in order to head into the studio this week to record our new songs for an upcoming release. The following video is one of those new songs
Here is Nagual Sun perfrorming “Serpent Cults” in Hollywood last week

I was also doing art at the Pancakes and Booze art show in Los Angeles last weekend

I had the opportunity to transfor the lovely lady Zelda into a living piece of artwork

Even Tattoo’s can not compete with my paint.

The gallery was packed with cool art and people eating pancakes by the stack!


Atop one of my BLANKET ART PRINTS I left a brand new copy of my ARTBOOK out with the 3D glasses for all to enjoy and someone walked off with it.
Does it look free?

A great night of creating and experiencing art with friends. I will post more pics as I find them.

A very alien creation

More about this stunning phenomenon on my instagram

See more of my BODY ART here

Brand new designs!!! just click the image

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Suicide Girls Radio

I had the unique pleasure of  hanging out with the lovely and provocative SUICIDE GIRLS on their very own Suicide Girls Podcast! I had allot of fun with the girls talking about Esoteric Art, Music, Psychedelics and other shenanigans. Check out the full episode


Check out the ACOUSTIC DOOM excerpt of “Invocation Ritual”


Check out the Leggings Chloe Dabbles was wearing on the show

Use the code ” TOMD1 ” on CHECKOUT

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 This NEW ALBUM is a series of binaural tones which act as a multidimensional audio technology. When listened to in stereo at high volumes the tonal vibrations oscillate  the soul matrix into alignment with fifth and sixth dimensional frequencies which open connections in the mind and body chakra system. Each stage of the album raises the vibration of the listener and opens different channels within the listener which allow mediative support and body matrix upgrades. Such upgrades result in symptoms like; Super fast downloads of information, creative inspiration, and induced out of body astral travels. The entire record is intended to be a meditative tool to by pass the mind and raise the frequency vibration to better connect to the field of energy many might call soul. Forty minutes of sonic alchemy will leave the listener in a heightened state of awareness and being.

Creators of the I KLATUS sonic revel in the modalities of fire and change on this EQUIONX of 2014. These are sounds of the great reverberations of shifting energies in the universe.
If you are a star seed or have an extraterrestrial connection or are drawn to this music, then you can use it as a tool to connect to star family ancestors or other off world entities who have stories and information for you.  . Fans of Tangerine Dream and Tribes of Neurot and Merzbow might see the obvious influence on the band as they depart from any vocals or traditional guitars to make all the sounds on the album. A variety of vintage soft synths and found objects were run through effects and digital processes to make what is essentially a binaural tone meditative tool.

I KLATUS “VORTEX I” full album download CLICK HERE

This is a follow up to the studio album KETHER being some of the left over synth samples and soft moeg sounds implemented for that record.
More about the making of  “KETHER”

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NAGUAL SUN is the Los Angeles based psychadelic DOOM band in which I play a roll
These are some of our new demo tracks

Nagual Sun is performing next MONDAY JULY 1ST with some true heavyness
SemtextVest and Oryx


Here is a video of Nagual Sun performing “Moment of Devastation”
from last weeks show.

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I Klatus is a band from Chicago doing sludgy beyond core. The music is written primarily by myself and John E. Bombher with Chris Wozniak on drums. Together along side a variety of studio collaborators created the newest sonic contribution to this side of earth in this double vinyl record release.

I Klatus KETHER double vinyl

The band shaped and perfected these songs for five years before committing them to everlasting vinyl.

This DOUBLE VINYL full length can be yours right this moment for a low price of $25. The Double Vinyl set will ship to you promptly while you enjoy an instantaneous link to downloadable mp3s for your immediate sensory satisfaction upon online purchase.
Only $25!

Scroll to the bottom for a deeper audio preview.

The band will play a VINYL RELEASE SHOW
Live in Chicago #Subterranean

Along the path of manifestation of this Double Vinyl Full Length I Klatus record came many other talented musical contributors. The most honored of which is our fallen brethren on the heavy metal frontline Tariq Ali. He contributed to several songs and his bass tones exist for all times within the record grooves.

Here is a great picture of us writing the chorus to “Model Prisoner”.

Here are some other studio moment memories.

Here is #Alex Bytnar,# Chloe Anderson and #Tony Koehl contributing group vocals to
“Dark Commitment to the Ceaseless Non”

The magical #Bruce Lamont, laying down brutal metal sax

Laying down the old school death leads #Leon Del Muerte
contributing to “Dark Commitment to the Ceaseless Non”

Laying down the #Dolphin Sounds #Moeg for “Portals Under the Lake”

#Jackson Grimm as Enginear

 #Chris Wozniak laying down drums at #Horse Drawn Studios

Double Vinyl set printed with random coloration

Here is the HAND PRINTED/numbered Album Cover at the printers.
Only 100 made of the first run.

I personally assembled the jackets and numbered each one- limited to 100
180 gram double vinyl

Find out more at

Enjoy the album as it streams below

I Klatus “Kether” Double Vinyl order now $25