Baphomet Occult Magic Chaos Pentagram Shirt




The Baphomet

For centuries Alchemists and Magicians have been drawn to the enigmatic and mystifying allure of the Baphometic physiognomy. There is something to it, some deeper mystery waiting to be uncovered. Every part of its sym- bology is layered in tripple meanings and subconscious refferences. Like a rubix cube, a road map for inner spiritual work to becoming greater than the lesser man.
A therionthrope, part beast, like the Pan but with the aspects of a winged- woman. It calls only to those who already harbor the scintilla of initiatory vision. Those with the will to fly shall find great influence here. A mixture of ambition and will to harness the vision and forge them into materium can be revolutionary. The Light is an imaginative sovereign, that free willed fire of mind. It harnesses that first fire of the One Creator who’s embers lie dormant in all until the breath rekindle this flame overhead. The flame is the source of all things in potential. This is the rebellion against stagnation and the desire for change. The key to unlocking the limitlessness of imagi- nation is to come upon the realm of the infinite, the eye that looks inward through flame. This is the realm where the sovereign dwells.
On the Tree of Life the Baphomet sits upon the Sephiroth calledThis is the most important article of clothing you will ever wear. The combed cotton blend makes it super soft, comfortable, and lightweight.

• ¾ sleeve raglan shirt
• 100% ringspun cotton (Heather Grey 90% cotton/10% polyester, Heather Denim 50% cotton/50% polyester)
• Ribbed neckband

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