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RWAKE music video

Rwake-Sight Beyond Sight
In 2003 I went to Little Rock Arkansas to shoot a video for the band Rwake. We spent three days shooting in their jam room as well as various points of interest in and around town. We even filmed in a strange basement boiler room which C.T. claimed was haunted by locals who had been ritualistically murdered by Masons in some bizarre esoteric ritual. In those three short days, we did mass amounts of various strange drugs, were repeatedly harassed by police (even to the point of being ambushed in a park) as well as falling victim to a slew of flea bites while staying with them. I attempted to portray the fascinating air of intrigue that surrounds their unique sound and aesthetic. After being lost on a hard drive which I only recently recovered the data of, I now finally release it to the universe.
Directed by Tom Denney