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Here is something for FREE
the latest compilation is online. There are tons of bands with fully heavy riffs. It is a tribute to our fallen friend Tariq Ali. He played bass with me and I Klatus before he sadly passed away.
Stoner Rock has made it possible for you to check out one of the last songs he ever helped write and record. You can download the newest I KLATUS song “Antediluvian Knowledge” for free CLICK HERE!
The art is Really cool as well!

Well worth Checking out
If you like that song, I am currently offering the CD for free when you check out the
Its the first thing for sale in the new decade!
This design of shirt has not been released before. I am also including a heavy DVD with a grip of rad videos and animations including interviews and bonus short film .
Check out more about theDOOMED MESSIAH DVD
So you get a silver ink SHIRT FREE I KLATUS CD
Also the DVD. Stickers, Postcards and 1 inch buttons!
just $25!!!


hope you take a minute to help support that, every order enables me to make more art for you to trip on.

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