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Parasite prints and Mind Control Podcast.

The podcast should start automatically, if not, be sure to press the play button as the art is meant to coincide with the philosophy¬†we explore…

Ben Axiom the Tantra Punk

Ben is a long time activist and poet. His roots in the underground run deep with his involvement with Axiom and the Gain Mind Movement as well as Resistant Culture. All worth deeper inspection however today we focus on Ben’s transformation as a multidimensional soul being.
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Ben and I explore some deep stuff in this podcast. Most specifically the existence of these parasitic thought forms that gnaw at your mental being. They can infest and inhabit and obsess the energetic body of an unprotected human. These insectoid creatures are feeding off the aspects of the conscious that is lost during times of mental or physical duress.
This image above depicts how we can become energetically over run and must summon all of our willpower to escape the swarming hordes of soul sucking parasites. This image is originally from my Book of Illustrations Still in print-Here.
As Ben explains from his kundalini activation experiences, his vision of what these parasitic creatures matches the types of images that I have drawn here. According to Bens own transcendental journeys, these things are to be reckoned with as a spiritual practice. 

Above is a depiction of how one or more of these entities can over-run the energetic body system blocking and diverting energy from the vortex points of the chakras. In some cases this can keep us psychically blinded and physically weakened. This drawing comes from Ben’s own visionary experience.

Ben suggests that as a spiritual shamanic practice we all engage in the physical removal of these parasitic thought beings and replace them with soul retrieval techniques. The most important part of soul retrieval is the breath. Take the light upon every breath deep into the heart and blast any dark spots you see in your aura, or even physically remove it with your hands using your third eye to see them. Visualize seeing yourself as a crystal clear being. Some times focusing light through the breath on dark spots will unleash a storm of emotions, old memories and or strange visions.

These experiences may feel overwhelming but remembering the breath, and the living light being upon the breath, and taking that breath into the heart will assist in all aspects of integration. Sometimes traumatic experiences from our past build up as blockages, and actual chunks of our soul get locked in time in those experiences. We need to call back through time, through all of the dimensions those little fragile shards of ourselves. On every breath that we take in the light we offer forgiveness and healing and gratitude for those experiences which hurt us, and we accept those aspects of ourselves that are still experiencing those pains. We reintegrate and heal. We advance by reconnecting all the fractured aspects of our soul and bring more of our soul into our body each day with the breath. Breathing deeply through the nose and meditation on these techniques will aid in spiritual growth, healing and over all sense of well being and peace.

Prints of this image are available here

I hope you took some time to listen to the podcast and that it was of assistance to you.

The ideas and artwork in this blog are going to be in my brand new book of illustrations. This book is my first full length endeavor as front to back manuscript of all the techniques and thoughts applied in my blogs along with the newest illustrations which I have created to depict these ideas and multidimensional experiences. Subscribe to my blog for further updates about my new book!

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