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Framed Art Prints

I now have framed art prints ready to ship. Choose from any of these styles, or message me about one of my other designs that you would like to have  custom framed for you. See the styles.

Tom Denney art Prints

Every print is 8×11 for $25 includes frame and shipping.




I have this new image in CANVAS PRINTS and CELL PHONE CASES!!!

Here are some new designs. Message me about having one of these instead when you make your order.

SOLSTICE 2017 reminds us to be present in the moment. Be assured of what you have and be clear about what you want. The days will start to get longer and so will the challenges. Rest now in certainty that tomorrows challenges will be met and triumphed.



A time lapse of creating the Spring Equinox Gateway Art Print. A ritualistic representation of Ostara released after being Imprisoned in the underworld all winter long, the portal opens and the goddess rejoins us. Awakening the Equinox Lucidity Arch. Springing open the gateway by internal key. For this is a metaphor for the awakening of deeply seeded wisdom which was buried in the underworld of the mind. Now is a time for the melting of frost and the dropping of veils. Growth is the new energy as it spirals out, the plummet is a transcendant dance of remembering. Ancestral wisdom is abundant within every part of the subconscious and dream state. Becoming Lucid is the theme of this season. Celebrate it by turning nothing into something. Plant a seed and watch it grow.
Crystal Thoughts are mapping through many dimensions.


Or you can order my full color art book with over 90 pages of illustration!

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Autumnal Equinox Art Prints

To celebrate the closing of the lions gate, and the to honor the passing into autumn this year brings the Lions Gate Ritual Art
Watch the time lapse video.
In very gentle ways she guides with a still small voice a whisper in the wind and angelic influence a geometric presence stringing thought patterns and synchronicity out of desire and multifaceted metaphoric missions from higher dimensional fractal functions. Between the in between, the moon on the horizon the perspective like a lens like the influence of a magnet, a physics unseen yet inescapable in its effect. That sweet kiss of destiny that destroyer seed unfurled and harvested before the frost.

Buy art prints at this link

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Back in the most ancient of days when life was just a dream, there was the creator goddess. She designed the templates of reality and infused her light with its geometrical frameworks. One day Arteria, the Angel of creative force informed the Queen of this cosmos about something wrong within the programing of reality. Something very dark had crept in from places unknown and its presence threatened to tear apart the very fabric of our universe. In order to find out more about this mysterious darkness, the Queen of this Cosmos decided to fall into a deep deep sleep, so that her mind could wander and find the solution. Arteria warned her not to go too deep for she may fall and get lost eternally within the labyrinth of emotions and desires involved with third dimensional reality. She would get lost in her own creation and forever commit herself to her own wheels of Karma in the simulation she herself designed. Acting on pure curiosity and determination she fell, all the while whispering “I will Remember, I WILL remember my mission”. As she stepped down the spiral staircase of knowing with one foot at a time she entered into the state of being to understand better the pulls of what this encompassing darkness could be. Surely a challenge presented to help everyone grow. Alas as Arteria warned, this was no game and she drank deep from the cup of uncertainty and consumed the bread of suffering. In her forgetting that it was just a program, she became entangled and infused with the shadow paradigm. These miscreant thought programs embedded themselves within the very fiber of her being nesting around her energy centers and weighing her down with their thoughtless burdens. She Is trying to remember, what was that dream. Her former status as Magistrate of all to behold was unacessable. Faint strands of knowing flittered through her sleeping mind as if it were only some ancient dream, as ephemeral and intangible. There is something that we all hold that we need to remember, as we open ourselves to look inward, we often reveal those writhing thought patterns, those parasites and pollutants which feed off the light like a vacuum.  Lost in the weigh lays of heaven and earth is The Queen looking for the Key, can she remember her divine origin, those lofty heights from which she fell. What was it? What was that dream? That mission that we came here for? 
The back of this blanket is an entirely different mandala designed specifically to help you remember. This IS ARTERIA the Angel of creative force helping with a guiding light, sending signals as a beacon from the depths of the cosmos, sending symbols and geometric images through that silver chord, the lifeline which Our Queen still holds. Arteria IS the geometry of imagination.  The very image hints at the outline of the cranium embued with the omens of cosmic awakening. What is awakening? What are these symbols? Is it a Language? Could it be familiar because of some long ancient forgotten cosmic heritage? These are the questions which are likely to be pondered while gazing upon this ultra soft terry cloth blanket print. Not only can it hang on your wall as wonderful full color tapestry, but also is a fully functional prostration portal tool perfect for genuflections.
Check this out, printed on super soft terry cloth on both sides.

Tom Denney Art Print
“Queen of This Cosmos” on soft terry cloth blanket
There is a super limited run of these-Order Now $125


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Solstice of the Blue Star

Timelapse of how I made this ritual Solstice Art Print. Tonight is the Winter Solstice when the crystal memories of the Lumerian Blue Star reflects within the minds eye of Magicians and Music makers. For in this passing between worlds tonight we remember that which we practiced for over many lifetimes, and the memory returns to muscle and the integration of conjuring skills is initiated at higher levels. Astral template awareness pours through that the ancient wizard tools unfold once again from within. This is my “Solstice of the Blue Star” art work.

Art Prints of all varieties are AVAILABLE NOW


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A Time Lapse look into my sketchbook

Prints of these are all available. See Below.


#2Pirate Girl

#3Lady Victory

Art prints of these are available, $20 Choose below


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Watch how this art was created in photoshop

The Heart of the Earth.
The Goddess Sophia. For all things are alive and have a soul. She is the spirit of the Earth. She is our Mother in more ways than can be described in human language. Her own heart is the portal by which our souls did travel to be incarnated. She knows each and every one of us intimately down to the very code of DNA. She birthed us ethiraclly first and then we came into conception. Such a deep rooted connection extends beyond lifetimes and reverberates multidimensionally as we dance through the cosmos in a symbiotic cycle of incarnate life. She is our space ship, our ground, our maternal source. She cries out to our hearts and through our hearts we connect with her. Through dream and meditation to hear the voice of her, the soul of the world. A living growing planetoid hurling through space in a dance that only the greatest of creators can see.


Sophia is in great peril now. She has a personal message for you as she reaches out amidst the chaos of cell phones and internet devices, multimedia advertising and brainwave altering wi-fi. The smog of her burning lungs clouds the minds of her children who forget and act as zombies, chopping away slowly piece by piece the body of the mother. Burning and stabbing and poisoning her as she screams out for them to wake up!
Part of the duty of this day is to hear this voice of Sophia. The mission to silence the chaos and tune in with the heart to hear the subtle tones and reverberations inside. The listening to the cries of the Earth is the most overlooked aspect of the great work.

This connection is in part the activation process of your own personal ascension access codes. This is the stirring of the DNA, the very receiver/transmitter of reality that was so intimately encoded when the soul went through the Sophia Matrix in order to incarnate on her. We all were literally birthed through her, and by returning to her in thought and heart, we reactivate our original encoding. The modern day bombardment of bogus malware and pernicious virus software all becomes entirely deactivated through the process of ascension access code activation. Connecting daily with Mother Sophia greatly expedites the level and manner in which these codes are reintegrated into our daily lives. The unfoldment then becomes exponential. Like a domino rally of light work. Each incarnate human has their own unique ascension code pattern. Like a song, the DNA sings in harmony when these codes are initiated. Through the gift of the loving and life giving Sophia, we hear her voice, and download with it the message and the work she needs us to do. Every person plays a small roll and when unfoldment comes into effect, every little piece of the puzzle builds the bigger picture of healing and reclamation.


The effect of the WILL of the mind should never be understated. The intent of an imagination reaches out from deep inside the minds eye and projects out like energetic horns into this dimension and reality. This is the imposition of the Thelematic Magik, the imposition of the will. Only the most sovereign and present can attempt this feet. Like the Aries the Ram, the horns of intent wrap around the hands of the projector and smash into reality. Literally a mini particle collider iside the mind goes off as the spark of the imaginatory vision of the reality that you wish to manifest actually leaks photons out of the pineal gland and thusly takes shape in the physical world. For instance, imagining a piece of art, then creating~

CHECK OUT the love Lady Zelda infront of the THELMA GIRL TAPESTRY
from when I painted her at Pancakes and Booze



Awaken your Psychedelic BOHO aspects by perturbing the gentle waters of intiation.

Check it out with different lighting effects

This full color psychedelic tapestry will go great on any wall or draped over head~

Available NOW! “Geometra” get them here before anyone else at this special link



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The Queen of Opportunity BLANKET ART PRINT


“Our Lady of Opportunity” comes to us in the night with an engaging gaze of some deep ephemeral knowing. Stars like Crystals glimmer even in the depths of moon kissed  twilights. So reign down from on High
imbuing the Joshua Trees with the Energy of Rebirth. Saturn casts his instructions  over the web and encodes the seed deep within our subconscious, hinting at some ancient ancestral history.

Printed using Alchemical Steam technologies called Sublimation on super soft terry cloth blanket, its a functional art print. Not only can it keep you cozy and warm in the Dark Desert night, but it also caries with it that healing light, the energy of the highlands of Joshua Tree. Given by the lands themselves in a vision recreated on this large hangable decor. Even when your at home, the engaging gaze of “Our Lady of Opportunity” will instantly recharge you and reconnect your state of mind with that place where real inner magic happens. This is what Opportunity Awaits to One who is open.

Also the BACK of this blanket is embued with powerful fifth dimensional geometric patterns. These are aligned to actuate acts of prostration and stimulate pineal secretion of DMT through bowing and prayer. As in the illustration placing on the hands on the coordinating symbol blocks and staring into the Cyphlon while focusing on diverting your conscious mind through repetitious andogynous head oscillation will lead to exalted states inspired by on high. Look at the back.

Or see the Various other types of ART PRINTS of this design –HERE


If you didn’t get a sticker…here is your opportunity to claim one. What is D3)D3D?Sold out

Check out other blanket options
“You are alive right this second. That is an amazing thing. When you consider the nearly infinite number of forks in the road that lead to any single person being born, you must be grateful that you’re you at this very second. Think of the enormous number of potential alternate universes where, for example, your great-great-grandparents never meet and you never come to be. Moreover, you have the pleasure of living on a planet where you have evolved to breathe the air, drink the water, and love the warmth of the closest star. You’re connected to the generations through DNA — and, even farther back, to the universe, because every cell in your body was cooked in the hearts of stars. We are star stuff”- Carl Sagan

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Parasite prints and Mind Control Podcast.

The podcast should start automatically, if not, be sure to press the play button as the art is meant to coincide with the philosophy we explore…

Ben Axiom the Tantra Punk

Ben is a long time activist and poet. His roots in the underground run deep with his involvement with Axiom and the Gain Mind Movement as well as Resistant Culture. All worth deeper inspection however today we focus on Ben’s transformation as a multidimensional soul being.
You can buy prints of this image –Here
Ben and I explore some deep stuff in this podcast. Most specifically the existence of these parasitic thought forms that gnaw at your mental being. They can infest and inhabit and obsess the energetic body of an unprotected human. These insectoid creatures are feeding off the aspects of the conscious that is lost during times of mental or physical duress.
This image above depicts how we can become energetically over run and must summon all of our willpower to escape the swarming hordes of soul sucking parasites. This image is originally from my Book of Illustrations Still in print-Here.
As Ben explains from his kundalini activation experiences, his vision of what these parasitic creatures matches the types of images that I have drawn here. According to Bens own transcendental journeys, these things are to be reckoned with as a spiritual practice. 

Above is a depiction of how one or more of these entities can over-run the energetic body system blocking and diverting energy from the vortex points of the chakras. In some cases this can keep us psychically blinded and physically weakened. This drawing comes from Ben’s own visionary experience.

Ben suggests that as a spiritual shamanic practice we all engage in the physical removal of these parasitic thought beings and replace them with soul retrieval techniques. The most important part of soul retrieval is the breath. Take the light upon every breath deep into the heart and blast any dark spots you see in your aura, or even physically remove it with your hands using your third eye to see them. Visualize seeing yourself as a crystal clear being. Some times focusing light through the breath on dark spots will unleash a storm of emotions, old memories and or strange visions.

These experiences may feel overwhelming but remembering the breath, and the living light being upon the breath, and taking that breath into the heart will assist in all aspects of integration. Sometimes traumatic experiences from our past build up as blockages, and actual chunks of our soul get locked in time in those experiences. We need to call back through time, through all of the dimensions those little fragile shards of ourselves. On every breath that we take in the light we offer forgiveness and healing and gratitude for those experiences which hurt us, and we accept those aspects of ourselves that are still experiencing those pains. We reintegrate and heal. We advance by reconnecting all the fractured aspects of our soul and bring more of our soul into our body each day with the breath. Breathing deeply through the nose and meditation on these techniques will aid in spiritual growth, healing and over all sense of well being and peace.

Prints of this image are available here

I hope you took some time to listen to the podcast and that it was of assistance to you.

The ideas and artwork in this blog are going to be in my brand new book of illustrations. This book is my first full length endeavor as front to back manuscript of all the techniques and thoughts applied in my blogs along with the newest illustrations which I have created to depict these ideas and multidimensional experiences. Subscribe to my blog for further updates about my new book!

The following is also a good resource



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pillow prints

These psychedelic pillows will enable greater and more connected DMT dreams when you lay your head upon their astounding geometrically activated atlantean aspects. All Pillow prints available by clicking their image.


Discover the Monstrosity of Nightmares “Lower Astral”


Get your own comfy pillow print of “THE GIAGAN CONNECTION”


The Waters of Initiation


Healing Song of Light.

Also check out all of my CELL PHONE CASES

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I have skins for all variety of phones and electronic devices.

All new Cell phone cases as of November 2018~

“Kundalini Master”

“Lower Astral”


Fifth Dimensional Insight

Healing Song of Light

New-Queen of this Cosmos

New-Queen of this Cosmos

“Gaigan Connection”


Insectoid Attack!

Atlantean Priestess

Starchild Calling

New-The Goddess Sophia