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Phil Anselmo and the BAPHOMET

BAPHOMET is Not the Devil

Recently Phil Anselmo was seen touring with Down with my Baphomet art which I did for the Arkansas black metal band called HYMNS

 I used to give these to people all the time as stickers before I ran out, and i find it interesting the variety of reactions I get from handing these out. There is allot of misunderstanding surrounding the Baphomet. I have even experienced people refusing to accept them on account of their cristian faith, which I respect. I find this interesting that people have such a deep rooted fear of an image which they believe represents “the devil”.
This is not an EVIL image.
Lets take a little initiation. The Baphomet image is not from the church of satan nor does it embody any negative principles at all. In fact, it was first drawn by a CATHOLIC priest who was also a Kabalist named Eliphas Levi. At its heart, this is a QABALISTIC image, or KABALISTIC. Kabalah is an ancient form of Jewish mysticism that was held secret for thousands of years by the high priests from Egypt who passed the torch to the temples of Greece and held lit by the Moors. You may ask your self, why is a Jewish mysticist posing as a Catholic priest. This only begins a conversation which we will not persue on the cult of Catholicism and their Judeaic origin and how that relates to egypt and the Tarot. Even more mysterious and debatable is how the concept of Baphomet came to the Knights Templars by way of the crusades. It is known that the Islamic people were the culture who kept the torch of enlightenment burning through the metaphoric night while European and Nordic cultures were deep asleep in the dark ages. After the crusades, Europe had its Renaisance and Enlightenment periods where we saw great cathedrals and empires spring from the ashes of a decayed Roman empire with the holders of Solomons Key at the center of the great building work. This is also when ALCHEMY took root as the science and divination tool of the monarchy and spiritual adepts.Alchemy is a type of Western Shamanism based on Egyptian symbols and terms in which the golden soul is raised from the impurities of material man. The Goat of Mendes

The TAROT is where this ominous image of “THE DEVIL” spawned from, and how the unenlightened view the creator of evil in the world, which is really man. Yes human beings are the ones that create evil in this world, see how we are chained to it. It is part of our animalistic aspect, our lower self. This is why the Devil is part beast, like the Pan. This is a warning about using the power of source for the left hand path, everything turns upside down, when focused on our lust, envy, or selfishness.
So what is encoded within this image and how does it relate to Jewish Mysticism?
Lets start with the tree of life.

There is vast knowledge here. To put it simply, this is a spiritual map, or a layman’s key to understanding a hyperdimensional physics and path of soul incarnation and experience in the physical third dimension. If you find that hard to swallow, then why would you be afraid of the Baphomet anyway? I find it interesting that people who claim that the possibility of an immortal reincarnating soul is just fairy tale while in the same breath shy away from images they judge as “satanic”.
For centuries Alchemists and Magicians have been drawn to the enigmatic and mystifying beauty of the Baphomet image. There is something to it, some deeper mystery waiting to be discovered and understood. Here is part of it.
The Tree of life is programmed into the Baphomet as such.

Every part of the Bapmomet lines up with a Sephiroth, or aspects of the Tree of life. Studying and understanding these spheres of influence and how they apply to the human body will not only greatly increase your connection to your own personal intuition and intellect but also your Highest self, or Kether.

The most important aspect of the Baphomet is noticing what he is doing with his hands.

This is the Key to Solomon’s Wisdom. This is straight out of the Bible. It is talking about the Holographic nature of the universe. That what is in heaven is also below, on Earth. All you need is to look at the swirling complexities of a galaxy cluster and the the way a proton and electron circles a neutron within our own selves and you arrive at a sense of the repeating fractal nature of reality . “The Power of Ten” is an amazing illustration of how this applies to our third dimensional reality, brought to us by our pyramid friends at IBM.

So we see ourselves in the center of the Tree of Life with two “Pillars” on either side. Above is the higher consciousness, coming from a different dimension, one without limitation. We ourselves are grounded within the animal kingdom, or dimension, between the polarities of good and evil. Between the Pillars of Jachin and Boaz

These are the two pillars that support the Arch that connects all. They are the BASE of Understanding. If you want to understand it, you have to stand under it. This is Severity and Compassion, the light and the dark, the Yin and Yang. If you want to keep allot of information stored, you need to build a reinforced structural foundation, the pillars, if built well, will hold strong. In between is where we find our intuition, our inner voice…

The Moon is the aspect of the high priestess who speaks to us in dreams. She is the quiet voice, she is in fact holding the key secret under her veil, only partially revealed to the casual passersby. The Priestess completes the teaching of Solomon with “AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT”. This is pointing to the law of attraction, that the world will only be a reflection of your attitudes towards it. For her, the two pillars are topped with the Sephiroth known as Binah and Chockman, which is Love and Creativity. The High Priestess also encodes the Tree of Life in the tapestry behind her. Always the secrets are in plain site, but only if you have eyes to see. The “Occult” or “Hidden” truth is given through initiation. Only then are you granted passage beyond the veil of the Exoteric, or outer teaching, to the land of the Esoteric where greater wisdom is perceived.This very image is where the Catholic “Virgin Marry” came from. Not hard to believe now that we know that It was a Catholic Kabalist who gave us the Baphomet in the first place. Lets talk more about perception.
The Baphomet points to FEAR

On the Tree of Life the Sephiroth called “GEBURAH” translates to english as FEAR. He is pointing out your fear, and just as Samson with his strength tore down the two pillars to which he was chained, so must we gather our own strength to overcome our fears, prejudice and judgement, even our more material trappings like addiciton. This is how we release our intuition, our inner High priestess, and start thinking with our KETHER or higher mind. Notice where the “FOUNDATION” lies. The virtue of the Devil is in his loins.

THE STAFF OF CADUCEUS encodes the secrets of the energy vortex points of the human body. This is seen in the hands of the Egyptian deity Hermes/Thoth who brings this knowledge from heaven to earth. Where the Serpents cross is symbolic of the seven seals, or seven Chakras that are Sealed within humans, and must be “activated”. The serpents are raising out the base, called “YESOD” or root Chakra, which is a Sanscrit term meaning “wheel of energy” or “vortex”. This is KUNDALINI, or the Creative energy of the universe that we are to raise from the Lower Natures through the spine and into the TEMPLE or Crown. I stress you practice Kundalini yoga for yourself and feel this SEETHING serpent or PRANIC energy awaken within your own body. You can truly feel this energy move through all of your chakras, and stimulating your

All of the Chakras are related to a gland in the body. Your Third Eye vision emanates from and actually IS a small gland that lies in the exact center of your brain.  It sort of resembles a pine cone in texture and shape. This gland secrets DMT which is what causes you to dream. It is also the main hallucinogen in Shamanic tools like Ayuhasaca and Magic Mushrooms. You should be very aware of what this naturally occorring substance does to your perception and that it is the very reason you are able to visualize images in your mind. It is the seat of the soul and your I-MAGI-NATION. Which is why we see a PINE CONE at the top of the PINDAR.

This is the knife in the chalice. We impose our will on the universe by summoning ideas from the void of mind and manifest them into physical reality. This is the alchemy of the artist. This is reference to the power of creation in physical world, the power of life, above just a sexual desire. So we are talking about temperance, overcoming the desires of our lower natures in attempts to focus and to raise that energy into your head. The goal is to stimulate the pineal gland to secret DMT into the spinal column, and this opens you to inspiration and the power to manifest.
This is tapping into source, this is the path of the sorceror, he who flows with the source of all creation.
This is the REBELLION.

Now we see that spire coming out of the Baphomets head, seemingly on fire, this the light, the wisdom of Lucifer, the Rebel. Once you have your pineal gland activated, it is very difficult to be subservient to any power other than your own. The self realized initiate will by definition be master of his own ship, and
never a pawn.
This is why the Magician is so drawn to the image of the Baphomet. It is the truest symbol of sovereignty and initiation. It is not a symbol of evil, it is the opposite. It is an ancient metaphor for self realization and self actualization. Perhaps this is why those who wish to control would demonize such activity. If you would like to read more about this I have an entire section dedicated in my book “DAWNING of THE MIND” available now…