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I KLATUS-Surveillance and Worship CD

FINALLY!!! The long awaited awakening of


The CD “Surveillance and Worship” full length studio album is now available for order.

Recorded by Jackson Grimm, and Mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate)

ONLY $8.88

BIO-I Klatus is the long standing noise group bent on sonic revolution. In 2007, mastering was completed on the much unanticipated concept record being named “Surveillance and Worship”. This CD is finally available for the first time.

These songs were performed live by those involved in its inception. The necrolent sonic blashpemies of cosmic potent were entered into our subjective realities-PROOF

This process is to be repeated December and January of 2008 and 2009, see the I Klatus Myspace for pictures

includes members of Yakuza, Lair of the Minotaur and Infinite Monolith of Slavery


downoad the mp3 here


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ST. VITUS video

I was hired by DOOM METAL LEGENDS St. Vitus
To create a video to project behind them as they play LIVE at HELLFEST 2009
The long awaited reunion has had me working extended hours on a 60 minute video.
Here is a quick preview of some of what I did

Also, here is some art I did for the fest.

This is some video I found on youtube, you can see my animation playing in the background
(notice the crop circles and SETI transmitters)
If anyone has any other pics or vids, you should email me

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PODCAST#3 ShadowPeople and Psychic defense

I started doing an esoteric podcast to quench that side of me that wishes to talk about strange unorthadox material. Episode #3 We talk about psychic parasites. Listen to the one hour conversation

Teaching psychic defense from parasitic pandimensional entities which feed off of negative human emotions. I talk with LA artist Joe Torres (Lefty Joe) about how to recognize these creatures in your own life, and how to deal with them. Exploring the possibilites of the unseen. The evil non human creatures that control Universal studios, the shadow network and the hat man. There are parasites on every level from the microcosm to the macrocosm with virus cells to ticks and mosquitos, why would we believe it stops there. The macrocosm is likely filled with these entities, as we observe in our conversation. The best and most effective deffense is staying within a positive and aware vibration. One can focus on the bubble of protective light that surrounds them, and emits from our solar plexus and heart chakras, the central sun of the human soul. When it emits negative energy, or negative emotions, we put a crack in this protective shell and energy escapes. Could there be creatures out side of our vision that feed off of this energy, and possibly implant thoughts in our heads to get us to feel these negative emotions. Recognizing alien thoughts is the key. Check out both of our art, as it reflects our own battles with these creatures all around us. An excellent hour long conversation intended to help people dealing with these issues and raise awareness that these beings exist and can be dealt with. They are likely from a different dimension, and very confused that they are here. They have put on many scary disguises to protect themselves. We need to see through this and approach the subject with respect and confidence. Every thing in existence was created for a reason by source, respect that, and be reminded that every dark shadow was once a reflection of light that somehow lost its way. Be assertive that you do not have time for games, that you love them and they should return to the source from which they originated. Helping them remember that they do not belong in this world interacting with humans will also help. Never give into fear and depression. keep the energy white and flowing.This is your psychic defense.