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A Time Lapse look into my sketchbook

Prints of these are all available. See Below.


#2Pirate Girl

#3Lady Victory

Art prints of these are available, $20 Choose below


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You may have seen my blog with the art for David’s first book THE SOURCEFIELD INVESTIGATIONS 

But this is the first time I am releasing the art used for David’s 2013 book

Find out all about THE SYNCHRONICITY KEY

David had me recreate some very encoded esoteric artworks. The one above comes from an ancient free masonic image. This is of course is explained, as all of the images by David in his book. I can tell you now though, the latter to heaven, to Sirius exists within the mind. All of these metaphors of symbolism always point to the same effect. The quite mind, through stillness and discipline ascends into new realms of conscious awareness that takes the adept into dimensions of experience and knowledge.

Once again, creating some Sacred Geometry that is fundamental to David’s explanation of how science and spirituality can intertwine. David is a very interesting character. I have been listening to his words for years and I am honored to be able to work with him. In all the time I have listened to David’s information I have never heard him say some of the things he drops in his new


I love David I think he is awesome. One of the things about David that few people talk about is that he openly claims to be the reincarnation of the twentieth century mystic Edgar Cayce. Now Cayce himself claimed to be the direct reincarnation of RA-TA. An interesting character who allegedly first brought the idea of equality to the Atlanteans. Apparently at that time there were allot of “genetic anomalies” roaming around. Centuars, mermaids, half horse half man creatures. These beings were considered less than human and forced into slavery, which Ra Ta worked to change the custom of. Among many of the great works was RA TA achieved, his assistance in the migration of the Nordic ET races to Earth is most notable. This means that David is essentially calling himself an ancient Atlantean who is responsible for the migration of all blonde haired blue eyed people from space to Earth in the long ancient history.  This is why David claims, while addressing all current nordic looking people on the planet today that “IM YOUR DADDY”.

That is merely a side note for someone down the line to understand the true significance of. Today is big because for the first time David publicy acknowledges one of my favorite people in the world, David Icke.

On Jimmy Cash show Wilcock calls DAVID ICKE a “HERO”, which he is for the information which he has brought. Also David, after years of denying that there are any reptilian aliens now confirms that there  are several draconian races that are very similar to the things David Icke has been describing for decades.

Wilcock also mentions some key new movies which supposedly reveal a ton of “real” information disguised as entertainment. As we see in the new captain america, which starts off with the Lumerian Star reference. Lumeria being the first human civilization that actually made war with Atlantis, according to the esoteric history of our planet.

In the Winter Soldier, they openly talk about “Project Papperclip” and the history of the CIA (SHIELD) being corrupted by a “parasite from within”. Hydra being the metaphor for the Nazi scientists who were really brought over after WW2. Truth disguised as entertainment.

To make sure no one is mistaken, the characters say “Hail Hydra” and lift a hand to let you know who they are really talking about, if you have ears to hear. Which means the CIA is admitting they had access to German Aerospace technology after WW2.

Interesting that the CIA has announced that it is behind all of the UFO sightings.

This is an outlandish and ludicrous claim. This must be a reaction to all the new HD footage coming out of people filming out of this world craft hovering above major cities. This is a massive disinformation tactic, similar to a fat bully who claims to be responsible for all the wonders of the world.

In his book, David draws the conclusion that Hitler himself was the reincarnation of an ancient roman emperor. The argument is so compelling, when you read the book there are some synchronistic aspects to their parallel lives that suggest that time works in loops. This is my illustration which supposes the facial similarities.

Here we the SHIELD logo reference the “HOMELAND” making no mistakes that it is a CIA nod. As Robert Anton would say “Project Mindfuck is in full force”

In the movie, right at the moment where they say George Bushs’s famous quote “A New World Order” it cuts to this shot of a single eyed multi weaponed machine that is supposed to have targeted millions of american citizens poised from space to unleash complete annihilation by judgement and punishment of an all seeing A.I. algorithm.

Last Year I wrote an article explaining the connection of George Bush and his family to the German War agenda. His family was involved in supplying weapons and finance to the enemies of America during both world wars. There is also an esoterica aspect to this explained in the article I wrote with the following accompanying artwork. I am suggesting some overarching entity that is somehow involved with the family bloodline, influencing their decisions and directing their actions. Why is this one family  so involved with the CIA, the presidency and war and banking scandals through history.  The overlooking demon totem who the Bush family seem connected with may hold a key. Listen to Steven and I discuss this about SECRET KNOWLDGE-

There is also the Hollow Earth Theory which claims, as David Wilcock talks about in the above mentioned podcast, that the Nazi war machine retreated to the center of the Earth near Antartica which leads to a secret underground dwelling where shape shifting Nazi Reptillians still rule the Earth alongside prehistoric beasts of burden.

Nazis ridding dinosaurs and the inner earth featured in the IRON SKY trailer

An Albert Einstein Clone

A shape shifting Sara Palin overlooking the pyramid which connects the Hollow Earth inner Sun to some energy harvesting technology.

There is supposedly a real Nazi base much like this hidden on the dark side of the moon. Another clip from the new movie IRON SKY.

At the very same time we see the new trailer for JUPITER RISING- See the trailer

This is a still where we see a pan dimensional group peering through the veil at our earth. In this brief clip we see some Alien Greys of course, and a giant reptilian which fits the description of every David Icke and Phil Schnieder story.

He very much looks like some shadow people, perhaps looking in from their side.
Here is how they appear to us

More than just a character in a movie?

This is an inoculation. It is a feedback loop which leaks small amounts of truth into the public in order to inoculate them to the truth. So now, when you mention reptoids and inner earth and nazi ufos, they will say “you watch too many movies”.

A brief view of a very simple crop circle. A few years ago I made my own Crop Circle video which covers allot of the more beautiful and intricate crop circle formations along with some compelling music and quotes from our favorite minds. Watch the CROP CIRCLE VIDEO

At the end of all of this the only thing you should really be asking is
What is with White people and aliens? Seriously. Reptoids especially.

The serpent eats its tale, again and again around in circle of infinity.

In Jupiter Rising they talk about when the DNA realigns in perfect sequence that it is the scientific cause of the rebirth of a soul consciousness. “When the exact same genes appear in the exact same order, that is what you call reincarnation.”

Maybe someone is trying to tell us….SOME THING.

And talk about disclosure, Stuart Swerdlo is finally putting out his Montuak movie, with the real people involved. This is big

Personally I think this all points to a very bright future where our great grandchildren walk amongst the stars as masters of all dimensions.

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New Illustrations and Geometric Patternings

 What am I up to? Lots of art, patterns and illustration.
Here are some of the newest art works and endeavors which I am in the process of. The following is from the project I was inking just last night.

Using these Staedtler pens, instead of my usual Micron felt tips.
I decided that I prefer Microns, I believe that the Microns use real India Ink, resulting in a richer black tone.
This quality of ink is key.
I will return to my Microns on the next project.
Speaking of returning, it evokes that deja vou notion of Infinite Recursion.
The repeating module of an infinite fractal reality seems to superimpose itself onto this template of dimensionality.
This experience hints at something vastly more significant
as one finds themselves with one foot in this place, and another deeply immersed in the sublime.
These concepts are of great caliber

Over lapping multidimensional consciousness emanating from the parallel incarnate lives of some incomprehensible oversoul.
Perhaps closer Listening will open those elusive portals of perception.
Though one must be warned of what voices truly lie behind the veil of the unknown and expansive

Up close on the face of chaos, a formless void dreaming itself into our dimension, permeating our reality one slimy chaos tentacle at a time.
Stay tuned to my INSTAGRAM
To see more progress

Here I am in the middle of inking “Lost in the mystery of the Void”

The final version. Check out more of my art for THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN
Stay tuned to my INSTAGRAM
To see progress

I was once told by a Gnostic that the artwork which I create also works as a type of doorway.
The creatures which I draw exist on some other level and use my illustrations as a vehicle to permeate our world.
As I draw, the energies connecting to my subconscious step into manifestation, a para-reality tiptoe.

A profound inking experience.

Success for what ever consciousness tapped into mine, as its device is now ready transmit its unknown pandimensional intent.
This is a close up of the neo geometric Light of the Morning Star. Perhaps more of a PORTAL, or window into another relm.
Suggesting that the light, is in the mind.
Very real, very metaphysical, implying that the Pineal DEVICE is more of a bio mechanical technology rather than a simple gland.
How does one activate such a device?
Meditation and inward vision lends well to this awakening.
The Full finished Version for the band LARVAE

Some other Sketches


Collapsing wave functions as one milks ones own DMT through self lucidity



Sixth Dimensional Energy Downloads and Transmissions


I have new DESIGNS FOR SALE for all of your band needs or design hungers
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Like a window into the sixth dimension

This is a perfect tiled back ground for your computer
Download and apply!


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Painting the set of MIRK RIDERS

Visionary Director David Becker brought me on board to paint the set of his Pho-Black Metal Desert Rock doomchick band psychedelic travel witchy sisterhood film MIRK RIDERS.

The idea was to create a seedy, abusive alcohol alley aesthetic where the girls in the band have their back stage encounter with the drug crazed club owner.

The goal was to make it look aged and decrepit.

Here is Jaimie Bernadette wearing my hoodie on the finished Set
Here is Dave shooting his masterpiece

An actual scene from the movie

On set with the cast and crew including Dan Buran and Jim VanBebber (quite an experience being on set with Van Bebber) Also Victoria Taylor (No Taboo) And Joe Boscoe of the Bottle Chain, and the Damage Done

Check out DavidBeckers’s”MIRK RIDERS”

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Sadgiqacea Poster Print Available

I now have available solid grey poster prints with actual Gold ink!

Sadique, Tom Denney Art, Cyphlon

Check out this hand printed, hand numbered poster print of the Sadgiqacea/Hivelords show flyer. Made available now thanks to Earsplitters! The textured gold print makes it worth its weight in antimatter.

Tom Denney Art

It began as most things do, an idea, a ruff sketch. After time, the lines are rendered and it becomes more defined, more tangible.

The Raw Data, the black and white Ink, white like innocence, black like death.

Then the printing

This makes a great wall hanging. Its reflective nature lends itself to limitless meditation and transcendental thought provoking multifractal aspects of consideration. The symbols and movements stimulate glans within the brain for decoding and unlocking ancient forgotten powers from within. The twin serpents will activate your own innate primordial alchemy. Makes a fantastic x-mas present. Delivered to you rolled and shiny.

Now Available for $22.20 ! 

Dream Hope

Dont miss out on this opportunity to own one of only 50 hand printed gold foil posters.



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GRAY MATTER- New film with creatures based on my designs

I have been working with the amazingly talented RED CLARK who is a prolific film maker from Chicago who is adapting Horror Lord Stephen Kings story “GRAY MATTER”.
When it came time to developing the monster and aesthetic for the film, Red initially came to me for preliminary concept art and sketches to help bring this project to full manifestation. Below is a picture of the actual spider being built at the prop house. You can see the stages of how it went from my original art work into this stunning real life incarnation. This amazing animatronic was made by Kevon Ward

Here is the AMAZING trailer for “GRAY MATTER” and you can see the spider in action!

The original concept art I did based upon the writing of Stephen King.

 Here is RED CLARK talking about the project and the steps of making it happen. “Lets take and adventure together”

Here are some of the early stages of sketch work I did while working with Red Clark to bring “GRAY MATTER”
Into reality.

Here are some other concept sketches for GREY MATTER 

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SECRET KNOWLEDGE occult magazine

Available NOW
Long  months were spent toiling in darkness to weave this torch of illumination. I have been honored to be working with another artist on a book of Occult Science, Philosophy and Cryptohistory. Finally this first mind melting volume is available for your enhancement.

Get your own today for only $6
Highly detailed illustrations and articles containing over 90pages of content
printed on archival paper with UV coated perfect bound printing

Here is a great 90 minute interview I did with SECRET KNOWLEDGE occult magazine creator Stephen Bower . We go deep into his explanations of his epic illustrations and artistic method as well as his reasons for putting together this venerable compendium of occult symbols and teachings. We talk about his views and intent which drove him into combining all of this information into a single easy to read volume and releasing it onto the world.
Check out some of Stephen’s artwork which we talk about
at length in the video as it is featured in the magazine
Mind blowing hand drawn illustrations along side articles which describe geometric principles and natures of reality which helps a beginner to esoteric knowledge grasp the roots of its hidden teachings. Adepts too can appreciate.

Here is a preview of my own art and article in SECRET KNOWLEDGE occult magazine
It ties together the past with the present and how these principles affect you in your own daily life.
It is not talked about in the book, so I wanted to take this opportunity to dissect the hidden meanings and decode the symbology behind this most disturbing of images. In addition to my in depth essay there is also this illustration which demonstrates the totem of the last wing of the Bush bloodline.
It is an interesting possibility that the former head of the CIA was using occult methods developed by German Nazis in the 1940s to aid and abed his success and continue his bloodline legacy in intelligence and politics and economics, in total manipulation of world affairs and agendas. We see the great winged beast of Babylon atop of this grousome totem, some pan dimensional entity whose mouthpiece writhing with tentacles and shadowy claws from the nether regions expresses himself as the infamous Prescott Bush who was the personal liaison to the Nazi German and American banks in the 30s and 40s. Could it be true that one generation of Bush after another is initiated into this multidimensional system of mind control which plays itself out on the world stage? Are these the symbols which they use to envoke the council and guidance of such a purulent entity using precise solar alignments and geometric symbols to contain such malevolent and mal-intended energies?  It takes only the slightest investigation and instinct to be aware of the most nefarious doings of the Bush lineage. If there were some pandimensional demon or Arhon envoked in what ever scull and bones or passed down magical ritual, the Bush family would have to be high on the list of suspects for this form of bloodline possession. Their mind coltrol and CIA techniques would then potentially be channeled from an entity outside of time, and just beyond the veil of our reality, pulling the strings on our world affairs, affecting us daily, every moment, from when we use our bank cards or show our IDs at the airport, squeezing us, twisting our perceptions while molding a false reality and mocking us from just beyond the perimeter of the shadow.
Stephen Bower and I explore this and much much more in the new
SECRET KNOWLEDGE occult magazine vol. 1
It is totally worth your $6
for just the art alone. Please view the above interview for more info or go to. 

Here is a link to the ORIGINAL video interview I did with Stephen Bower which has MORE ART and his description of his intent behind it. The audio is a little glitchy but if you are interested check it here

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BUGZ BROACH-Mechanic Menagerie

It started as just a concept. An original design for a Broach made of mechanical innards
Beginning the process with simple sketches.

Here were the illustrations I created

The design was transfered to digital media
Next step, the computer cuts out a solid piece of metal

Then we got the raw sample

Then we apply the final patina, a rustic bronze

Wear your own steam punk broach anywhere!

I also designed the logo and packaging.
These were the potential options for the box printing

The final product a nice stoner-mucha logo and border , to be hand stamped on all boxes

You can see the fine detail of the gears.

Put it with your other cool stuff!


available soon from www.LIP_

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I Klatus is a band from Chicago doing sludgy beyond core. The music is written primarily by myself and John E. Bombher with Chris Wozniak on drums. Together along side a variety of studio collaborators created the newest sonic contribution to this side of earth in this double vinyl record release.

I Klatus KETHER double vinyl

The band shaped and perfected these songs for five years before committing them to everlasting vinyl.

This DOUBLE VINYL full length can be yours right this moment for a low price of $25. The Double Vinyl set will ship to you promptly while you enjoy an instantaneous link to downloadable mp3s for your immediate sensory satisfaction upon online purchase.
Only $25!

Scroll to the bottom for a deeper audio preview.

The band will play a VINYL RELEASE SHOW
Live in Chicago #Subterranean

Along the path of manifestation of this Double Vinyl Full Length I Klatus record came many other talented musical contributors. The most honored of which is our fallen brethren on the heavy metal frontline Tariq Ali. He contributed to several songs and his bass tones exist for all times within the record grooves.

Here is a great picture of us writing the chorus to “Model Prisoner”.

Here are some other studio moment memories.

Here is #Alex Bytnar,# Chloe Anderson and #Tony Koehl contributing group vocals to
“Dark Commitment to the Ceaseless Non”

The magical #Bruce Lamont, laying down brutal metal sax

Laying down the old school death leads #Leon Del Muerte
contributing to “Dark Commitment to the Ceaseless Non”

Laying down the #Dolphin Sounds #Moeg for “Portals Under the Lake”

#Jackson Grimm as Enginear

 #Chris Wozniak laying down drums at #Horse Drawn Studios

Double Vinyl set printed with random coloration

Here is the HAND PRINTED/numbered Album Cover at the printers.
Only 100 made of the first run.

I personally assembled the jackets and numbered each one- limited to 100
180 gram double vinyl

Find out more at

Enjoy the album as it streams below

I Klatus “Kether” Double Vinyl order now $25



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 Over the years, I have done several epic pieces for a very unique and powerful music machine

Here are some of those pieces.

Here is Alorai wearing the shirt

A massive tempest of sound and fury culminates from their music and is replete within their chosen imagery.

Soon our Atlantean priestess will summon the power of the vortex and open up a portal into another dimension effectively phase shifting out of our known reality matrix.

The inking stage is always fun. The result though, is not fully manifest yet. Our Priestess still lacks her symbolic power.

Color. Now the finishing touches are complete.

Now we are able to travel through dimensions effortlessly  in order to find the truth of the core of that very nature of the universe itself.

So check out