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I KLATUS release new album and video

The band I Klatus has been making noise since 2001. This is the latest…
The full lenght drops OCT 13-
This is the video for “BENEATH THE WAVES”

“Beneath The Waves” presents its sound, raw, desert and stoner, where Tom Denney with his guitar and voice, nicknamed the madness, leaves us his deliriums, in which we enter slowly but without pause. The presence of Chris Wozniak in the percussion and the bass of John Bomher, increase the atmosphere and the density of the compositions, but that we have a surprise provided by the fourth member of the band Robert Bauwens, that is in charge of the robotic passages and gongs that resonate in the album, giving a different touch to the ensemble. This is shown in the robotic chorus of this first cut, which I love.”- Review from Necromance Digital Magazine

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SANTOS collaboration PRINT

“EMBRACING THE SHADOW” This is a collaborative piece of artwork between myself and old school 7inch doom illustration legend SANTOS.
I  was still in art school when Santos was doing album covers for Grief and Noothgrush. It is quite an honor to share a canvas with him.

 This is a super limited run of full color sublimation prints on soft terry cloth blanket



Like an Iron on, the heat roller turns the image to steam and presses it
to the blank surface of the blanket

It rolls off the press in vibrant textural tones that you can really run your hands through!
This Blanket will make an excellent wall hanging or bed comforter.
Find out more about SUBLIMATION
See more artwork by SANTOS
IT STARTED as just a sketch! 
Then Santos added his Unique style of ink to my own make this a complete story.

Check out other blanket options


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NAGUAL SUN is the Los Angeles based psychadelic DOOM band in which I play a roll
These are some of our new demo tracks

Nagual Sun is performing next MONDAY JULY 1ST with some true heavyness
SemtextVest and Oryx


Here is a video of Nagual Sun performing “Moment of Devastation”
from last weeks show.

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I KLATUS-Surveillance and Worship CD

FINALLY!!! The long awaited awakening of


The CD “Surveillance and Worship” full length studio album is now available for order.

Recorded by Jackson Grimm, and Mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate)

ONLY $8.88

BIO-I Klatus is the long standing noise group bent on sonic revolution. In 2007, mastering was completed on the much unanticipated concept record being named “Surveillance and Worship”. This CD is finally available for the first time.

These songs were performed live by those involved in its inception. The necrolent sonic blashpemies of cosmic potent were entered into our subjective realities-PROOF

This process is to be repeated December and January of 2008 and 2009, see the I Klatus Myspace for pictures

includes members of Yakuza, Lair of the Minotaur and Infinite Monolith of Slavery


downoad the mp3 here