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All over print joggers, hoodies and PJs

These outrageous all over print moonsies are perfect for cold winter nights of deep desert psychedelic festival madness, or just a cozy night at home. Only available through ALL ON BLACKFRIDAY SALE!

Purchase through SET4LYFE

Purchase through SET4LYFE››


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These outrageous all over print moonsies are perfect for cold winter nights of deep desert psychedelic festival madness, or just a cozy night at home. Only available through Follow the links below.

Purchase through SET4LYFE

Purchase through SET4LYFE››


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New Leggings and Artbook in time for Xmas

 “Whisper” by Elektrix Love whisper

Inspired by the feathers of a Peacock, but mixed with the air of death’s certainty. Like unto the petals of the lotus of Lakshmi yet with The eye of Saturn gazing through. Destiny is simply a whisper in the bent bows croon.

These new leggings I designed for @elektrixlove are available now just in time for Xmas under the title “Whisper” Illustrated by hand and printed on Eco friendly recycled plastics. You can look cool as fk while contributing to the healing of our Planet. Made right here in L.A.

Order Now through Elektrix Love

The Original art was hand drawn

Also in time for Christmas,
my book “Dawning of the Mind” is on Holiday Special for just $8.99
Makes a great gift, which you can ship directly to anyone around the world. Order here .

Here is a segment from the book “Dawning of the Mind”

I have also posted a bunch of new videos depicting time lapse of how my art is made

All of these are available to view and subscribe to on my youtube

Never before have I revealed such secrets of my process of art than as I have here today. The box of Pandora now open, i present this, my most coveted of stylizations. This be the process by which my art unfolds and the steps as to how to achieve this textured painted look while in using only photoshop. Some custom manipulations and worth while trix, if you can spot them..


The audio in this is taken from my newest podcast with Tony Koehl, Will Wulf and Cella Rose where we talk about Ancient Warfare and how it shaped our present day art and music. Listen to the entire podcast here…

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Designing the WIDOW clothing brand

It began as just a concept of an intention, as all good spells do. I was approached by Lip Service clothing line about their new branch of apparel that target the ever expanding occult natured Witch house sceene. They were looking for what they called a “Pho-Black Metal/Wtchy” aesthetic. I was more than happy to help with the creation of the artwork and vibe they were working towards. Firstly, the WIDOW brand logo. Just like when I design a logo for any band, I keep in mind the tone, the atmosphere which the design envokes.

I am well aware that triangles and inverted crosses are immensely trendy at the moment. I do not subscribe to the morals and ethics of any particular scene or community nor do attach myself to any do’s and don’ts associated with trends. I create because I am a creator. To create controversy is as rewarding as is creating culture. So you can choose to be offended or filled with fear at the site of inverted crosses, sigilizations and other ancient or unfamiliar symbols if you want. I find them fascinating, empowering and that they come with a deep story to tell.

Here is how the final logo looks on the label. Black on Black is key.

I was able to work on allot of cool pyschedelic geometry, brought in through meditation for the aesthetic of the first leg of branding.

A treat for your subconscious. Just looking at or wearing these sacred geometrical shapes will greatly increase brain wave activity as well as raise the vibrational tone of anyone wearing them or even in the vicinity of them. The subconscious will also recognize and react to these sacred and ancient geometrical configurations of two dimensional representations of fourth dimensional concepts and vibrational states of being.

The Goat of Mendes black on black look is kvlt as dragons breath on a frozen Icelandic shore after having been conquered by by a slew of goat worshiping long haired pagans with swords.
Baphometic Prophecies-Creepy Photoshop fx can surprise you

The Pentagram is a powerful symbol as well as a tool. This concept of combining the knees to achieve the full look is a representative of the coagula creative force of combining the left and right hemispheres of the brain in order to achieve the bridged state of unity within mind, body as well as spirit. Hidden amongst are also incantations and tombs which I also channeled. Literally I heard voices in my head which I wrote down to incorporate throughout the design to raise the level of esoteric creepiness on these leggings 23 fold.

Here is a close up of the pendulums I designed to add to the witchyness of these pentagram leggings. Also the spider webs were hand drawn.

Pendulums are serious business and I recommend serious research and education before attempting to use one in your own rituals or meditations.

Crows can often be messengers from the spirit world. Disembodied entities may take flight through or in the form of this carrion which I depict in the illustration .Shiny Black on Black with geometrical energy envocation sequences can really stir up some supernatural phenomenon if worn on certain moon alignments .

The cross is a symbol of torture and capitol punishment. I never really understood why it is so revered for its “hollyness” when in reality it is the representation of the brutal MURDER OF A DEITY. The inversion of this symbol to me word for word is a protest against deicide as well as state dictated euthanasia. If anything is satanic it is the worship of the means of the murder of god. To invert the cross in my opinion is the rebellion of the Roman instituted mind manipulation.
So invert those crosses ladies and gentlemen and support life, not deicide.

Much like the leggings where ITS RAINING BLOOD SOAKED INVERTED CROSSES. Is this the dawning of the age of lucifer? Or is this some sick cosmic joke? Because ladies everywhere seem to be down with the Kvlt much symbolized by these which I painted by hand

In the process of Lip Service forming Widow into its own freestanding brand, we were contacted by the Illuminati to create some of the very same propaganda and mind control which I saw the Vatican use in its cross mythos campaign.

We were absolutely looking at Madona as she sported this one of kind hand embroidered GREAT SEAL back patch with NOVOS ORDO SECLURUM on the banner. Knowing what all of this meant, I set straight to work designing the foundation of what would latter be the embroidered final piece. But first it had to be drawn.

I had to simulate the stich in photoshop which was interesting to figure out. I also decided to make the bricks a little cleaner with straighter lines so it would be easier for the embroidery company to do what magic they do.

Finally, Widow and the All seeing I are One. Talk about willpower.

Speaking of Egypt, here is my buddy Thoth and the gang for these holiday special Egyptian leggings

Lets get GRIMM

I basically created a fake album cover and band logo which was applied to a variety of apparel, all of which can be found at HOUSE of

Graphic design and Illustration created for WIDOW brand clothing by Tom A. Denney