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Watch how this art was created in photoshop

The Heart of the Earth.
The Goddess Sophia. For all things are alive and have a soul. She is the spirit of the Earth. She is our Mother in more ways than can be described in human language. Her own heart is the portal by which our souls did travel to be incarnated. She knows each and every one of us intimately down to the very code of DNA. She birthed us ethiraclly first and then we came into conception. Such a deep rooted connection extends beyond lifetimes and reverberates multidimensionally as we dance through the cosmos in a symbiotic cycle of incarnate life. She is our space ship, our ground, our maternal source. She cries out to our hearts and through our hearts we connect with her. Through dream and meditation to hear the voice of her, the soul of the world. A living growing planetoid hurling through space in a dance that only the greatest of creators can see.


Sophia is in great peril now. She has a personal message for you as she reaches out amidst the chaos of cell phones and internet devices, multimedia advertising and brainwave altering wi-fi. The smog of her burning lungs clouds the minds of her children who forget and act as zombies, chopping away slowly piece by piece the body of the mother. Burning and stabbing and poisoning her as she screams out for them to wake up!
Part of the duty of this day is to hear this voice of Sophia. The mission to silence the chaos and tune in with the heart to hear the subtle tones and reverberations inside. The listening to the cries of the Earth is the most overlooked aspect of the great work.

This connection is in part the activation process of your own personal ascension access codes. This is the stirring of the DNA, the very receiver/transmitter of reality that was so intimately encoded when the soul went through the Sophia Matrix in order to incarnate on her. We all were literally birthed through her, and by returning to her in thought and heart, we reactivate our original encoding. The modern day bombardment of bogus malware and pernicious virus software all becomes entirely deactivated through the process of ascension access code activation. Connecting daily with Mother Sophia greatly expedites the level and manner in which these codes are reintegrated into our daily lives. The unfoldment then becomes exponential. Like a domino rally of light work. Each incarnate human has their own unique ascension code pattern. Like a song, the DNA sings in harmony when these codes are initiated. Through the gift of the loving and life giving Sophia, we hear her voice, and download with it the message and the work she needs us to do. Every person plays a small roll and when unfoldment comes into effect, every little piece of the puzzle builds the bigger picture of healing and reclamation.


The effect of the WILL of the mind should never be understated. The intent of an imagination reaches out from deep inside the minds eye and projects out like energetic horns into this dimension and reality. This is the imposition of the Thelematic Magik, the imposition of the will. Only the most sovereign and present can attempt this feet. Like the Aries the Ram, the horns of intent wrap around the hands of the projector and smash into reality. Literally a mini particle collider iside the mind goes off as the spark of the imaginatory vision of the reality that you wish to manifest actually leaks photons out of the pineal gland and thusly takes shape in the physical world. For instance, imagining a piece of art, then creating~

CHECK OUT the love Lady Zelda infront of the THELMA GIRL TAPESTRY
from when I painted her at Pancakes and Booze



Awaken your Psychedelic BOHO aspects by perturbing the gentle waters of intiation.

Check it out with different lighting effects

This full color psychedelic tapestry will go great on any wall or draped over head~

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New Illustrations and Geometric Patternings

 What am I up to? Lots of art, patterns and illustration.
Here are some of the newest art works and endeavors which I am in the process of. The following is from the project I was inking just last night.

Using these Staedtler pens, instead of my usual Micron felt tips.
I decided that I prefer Microns, I believe that the Microns use real India Ink, resulting in a richer black tone.
This quality of ink is key.
I will return to my Microns on the next project.
Speaking of returning, it evokes that deja vou notion of Infinite Recursion.
The repeating module of an infinite fractal reality seems to superimpose itself onto this template of dimensionality.
This experience hints at something vastly more significant
as one finds themselves with one foot in this place, and another deeply immersed in the sublime.
These concepts are of great caliber

Over lapping multidimensional consciousness emanating from the parallel incarnate lives of some incomprehensible oversoul.
Perhaps closer Listening will open those elusive portals of perception.
Though one must be warned of what voices truly lie behind the veil of the unknown and expansive

Up close on the face of chaos, a formless void dreaming itself into our dimension, permeating our reality one slimy chaos tentacle at a time.
Stay tuned to my INSTAGRAM
To see more progress

Here I am in the middle of inking “Lost in the mystery of the Void”

The final version. Check out more of my art for THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN
Stay tuned to my INSTAGRAM
To see progress

I was once told by a Gnostic that the artwork which I create also works as a type of doorway.
The creatures which I draw exist on some other level and use my illustrations as a vehicle to permeate our world.
As I draw, the energies connecting to my subconscious step into manifestation, a para-reality tiptoe.

A profound inking experience.

Success for what ever consciousness tapped into mine, as its device is now ready transmit its unknown pandimensional intent.
This is a close up of the neo geometric Light of the Morning Star. Perhaps more of a PORTAL, or window into another relm.
Suggesting that the light, is in the mind.
Very real, very metaphysical, implying that the Pineal DEVICE is more of a bio mechanical technology rather than a simple gland.
How does one activate such a device?
Meditation and inward vision lends well to this awakening.
The Full finished Version for the band LARVAE

Some other Sketches


Collapsing wave functions as one milks ones own DMT through self lucidity



Sixth Dimensional Energy Downloads and Transmissions


I have new DESIGNS FOR SALE for all of your band needs or design hungers
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Like a window into the sixth dimension

This is a perfect tiled back ground for your computer
Download and apply!


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Semjase “The Golden Angel” is a geometrical principal with its own consciousness. This is a reflection of your own higher aspects. She speaks to you in visions and dreams and in this dimension through symbol and metaphor. She brings healing, wisdom, experience and higher vibrational states of being. She arrives as a bringer of light which she cups in her hands above her crown, while coming to you from within the hexagonal portal, the very shape of a light particle from the sun.

Emanating from deep within the core of galactic center
Literally REFLECTIVE “The Golden Angel” is presented to you in GOLD FOIL STICKER format. Bring the light into your own life with these NEW STICKERS which SHINE in the SUN. The Metaphor is fulfilled.

The compassionate gaze of
“The Golden Angel”
will literally reflect your own golden aspects while skrying into its flawless surface.
When you order this sticker pack you will also receive
“The High Priestess” sticker  to compliment your collection

“The High Priestess” coming from the TAROT is the BALANCE  of the light and dark. She stands between the two pillars holding the stillness TEMPERANCE. She presents the symbols of the sun and moon while projecting her true nature, robes made of beams of light. Behind her is the pattern of the Sephiroth, or TREE OF LIFE. On your path you will encounter her love and feel the truths run from heel to head. She reminds us that it is not just white or black, but a wide spectrum of subtle tones, hues and pathways through this reality. From her perspective, which is a higher aspect of you, all pathways are clear, and all experiences are tools of learning as she guides you gently out of the labrynth. The owl is the symbol of seeing clearly in the dark. The wisdom taking flight even the most uniluminated of places. He holds the scroll which in hebrew reads “TAROT”. There are the mysteries revealed.

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These stickers are GONE. Yup. No longer Available. Thanks to all who ordered!
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Designing the WIDOW clothing brand

It began as just a concept of an intention, as all good spells do. I was approached by Lip Service clothing line about their new branch of apparel that target the ever expanding occult natured Witch house sceene. They were looking for what they called a “Pho-Black Metal/Wtchy” aesthetic. I was more than happy to help with the creation of the artwork and vibe they were working towards. Firstly, the WIDOW brand logo. Just like when I design a logo for any band, I keep in mind the tone, the atmosphere which the design envokes.

I am well aware that triangles and inverted crosses are immensely trendy at the moment. I do not subscribe to the morals and ethics of any particular scene or community nor do attach myself to any do’s and don’ts associated with trends. I create because I am a creator. To create controversy is as rewarding as is creating culture. So you can choose to be offended or filled with fear at the site of inverted crosses, sigilizations and other ancient or unfamiliar symbols if you want. I find them fascinating, empowering and that they come with a deep story to tell.

Here is how the final logo looks on the label. Black on Black is key.

I was able to work on allot of cool pyschedelic geometry, brought in through meditation for the aesthetic of the first leg of branding.

A treat for your subconscious. Just looking at or wearing these sacred geometrical shapes will greatly increase brain wave activity as well as raise the vibrational tone of anyone wearing them or even in the vicinity of them. The subconscious will also recognize and react to these sacred and ancient geometrical configurations of two dimensional representations of fourth dimensional concepts and vibrational states of being.

The Goat of Mendes black on black look is kvlt as dragons breath on a frozen Icelandic shore after having been conquered by by a slew of goat worshiping long haired pagans with swords.
Baphometic Prophecies-Creepy Photoshop fx can surprise you

The Pentagram is a powerful symbol as well as a tool. This concept of combining the knees to achieve the full look is a representative of the coagula creative force of combining the left and right hemispheres of the brain in order to achieve the bridged state of unity within mind, body as well as spirit. Hidden amongst are also incantations and tombs which I also channeled. Literally I heard voices in my head which I wrote down to incorporate throughout the design to raise the level of esoteric creepiness on these leggings 23 fold.

Here is a close up of the pendulums I designed to add to the witchyness of these pentagram leggings. Also the spider webs were hand drawn.

Pendulums are serious business and I recommend serious research and education before attempting to use one in your own rituals or meditations.

Crows can often be messengers from the spirit world. Disembodied entities may take flight through or in the form of this carrion which I depict in the illustration .Shiny Black on Black with geometrical energy envocation sequences can really stir up some supernatural phenomenon if worn on certain moon alignments .

The cross is a symbol of torture and capitol punishment. I never really understood why it is so revered for its “hollyness” when in reality it is the representation of the brutal MURDER OF A DEITY. The inversion of this symbol to me word for word is a protest against deicide as well as state dictated euthanasia. If anything is satanic it is the worship of the means of the murder of god. To invert the cross in my opinion is the rebellion of the Roman instituted mind manipulation.
So invert those crosses ladies and gentlemen and support life, not deicide.

Much like the leggings where ITS RAINING BLOOD SOAKED INVERTED CROSSES. Is this the dawning of the age of lucifer? Or is this some sick cosmic joke? Because ladies everywhere seem to be down with the Kvlt much symbolized by these which I painted by hand

In the process of Lip Service forming Widow into its own freestanding brand, we were contacted by the Illuminati to create some of the very same propaganda and mind control which I saw the Vatican use in its cross mythos campaign.

We were absolutely looking at Madona as she sported this one of kind hand embroidered GREAT SEAL back patch with NOVOS ORDO SECLURUM on the banner. Knowing what all of this meant, I set straight to work designing the foundation of what would latter be the embroidered final piece. But first it had to be drawn.

I had to simulate the stich in photoshop which was interesting to figure out. I also decided to make the bricks a little cleaner with straighter lines so it would be easier for the embroidery company to do what magic they do.

Finally, Widow and the All seeing I are One. Talk about willpower.

Speaking of Egypt, here is my buddy Thoth and the gang for these holiday special Egyptian leggings

Lets get GRIMM

I basically created a fake album cover and band logo which was applied to a variety of apparel, all of which can be found at HOUSE of

Graphic design and Illustration created for WIDOW brand clothing by Tom A. Denney