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Meditational Blanket ART PRINT

Your personal inward journey is a serious discipline.
These special Blankets are sublimated with intense geometrical patterns designed specifically as a meditative PORTAL

There are many ways to come to understand its properties
while the eye wanders through its various degrees of twists and turns the prattle of the daily mind settles like silt in churned up waters.
After time contemplating its many angles and symbols the pools of the imagination become clear so that the tides of  initiation can be understood.
By allowing your awakening eye to contemplate its intricacies and dance with its living patterns you come to find your Self.
PROSTRATION is a process of putting ones Self in a vulnerable situation for the purpose of veneration or psychedelic induction.

This blanket is mobile and perfect for physical genuflection yet while stationary trasnforms into your altar of meditative intent setting.
An alchemical process of sublimation is used to turn this artwork into steam,
then it is compressed under heat onto the soft permeable surface of this suitable blanket which will last you and your clan a lifetime
to be passed down through the generations.

This is a double sided blanket print depicted here.
To Gaze into its complicated geometries is to loose ones ego in a labyrinth of mind so that the subconscious can set to work downloading

The opposite side is no ordinary blanket,  it is a transdimensional Tool which contains fifth dimensional patterns and symbols
these aspects help channel energy in as well as push intent out into the universe via the power of a living void.

You can actually FEEL the energy coursing through the multidimensional complexities

They also happen to be Incredibly soft, not unlike like the skin of a newborn baby  unicorn

$150. Orders ship right away

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