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Watch how this art was created in photoshop

The Heart of the Earth.
The Goddess Sophia. For all things are alive and have a soul. She is the spirit of the Earth. She is our Mother in more ways than can be described in human language. Her own heart is the portal by which our souls did travel to be incarnated. She knows each and every one of us intimately down to the very code of DNA. She birthed us ethiraclly first and then we came into conception. Such a deep rooted connection extends beyond lifetimes and reverberates multidimensionally as we dance through the cosmos in a symbiotic cycle of incarnate life. She is our space ship, our ground, our maternal source. She cries out to our hearts and through our hearts we connect with her. Through dream and meditation to hear the voice of her, the soul of the world. A living growing planetoid hurling through space in a dance that only the greatest of creators can see.


Sophia is in great peril now. She has a personal message for you as she reaches out amidst the chaos of cell phones and internet devices, multimedia advertising and brainwave altering wi-fi. The smog of her burning lungs clouds the minds of her children who forget and act as zombies, chopping away slowly piece by piece the body of the mother. Burning and stabbing and poisoning her as she screams out for them to wake up!
Part of the duty of this day is to hear this voice of Sophia. The mission to silence the chaos and tune in with the heart to hear the subtle tones and reverberations inside. The listening to the cries of the Earth is the most overlooked aspect of the great work.

This connection is in part the activation process of your own personal ascension access codes. This is the stirring of the DNA, the very receiver/transmitter of reality that was so intimately encoded when the soul went through the Sophia Matrix in order to incarnate on her. We all were literally birthed through her, and by returning to her in thought and heart, we reactivate our original encoding. The modern day bombardment of bogus malware and pernicious virus software all becomes entirely deactivated through the process of ascension access code activation. Connecting daily with Mother Sophia greatly expedites the level and manner in which these codes are reintegrated into our daily lives. The unfoldment then becomes exponential. Like a domino rally of light work. Each incarnate human has their own unique ascension code pattern. Like a song, the DNA sings in harmony when these codes are initiated. Through the gift of the loving and life giving Sophia, we hear her voice, and download with it the message and the work she needs us to do. Every person plays a small roll and when unfoldment comes into effect, every little piece of the puzzle builds the bigger picture of healing and reclamation.


The effect of the WILL of the mind should never be understated. The intent of an imagination reaches out from deep inside the minds eye and projects out like energetic horns into this dimension and reality. This is the imposition of the Thelematic Magik, the imposition of the will. Only the most sovereign and present can attempt this feet. Like the Aries the Ram, the horns of intent wrap around the hands of the projector and smash into reality. Literally a mini particle collider iside the mind goes off as the spark of the imaginatory vision of the reality that you wish to manifest actually leaks photons out of the pineal gland and thusly takes shape in the physical world. For instance, imagining a piece of art, then creating~

CHECK OUT the love Lady Zelda infront of the THELMA GIRL TAPESTRY
from when I painted her at Pancakes and Booze



Awaken your Psychedelic BOHO aspects by perturbing the gentle waters of intiation.

Check it out with different lighting effects

This full color psychedelic tapestry will go great on any wall or draped over head~

Available NOW! “Geometra” get them here before anyone else at this special link



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You may have seen my blog with the art for David’s first book THE SOURCEFIELD INVESTIGATIONS 

But this is the first time I am releasing the art used for David’s 2013 book

Find out all about THE SYNCHRONICITY KEY

David had me recreate some very encoded esoteric artworks. The one above comes from an ancient free masonic image. This is of course is explained, as all of the images by David in his book. I can tell you now though, the latter to heaven, to Sirius exists within the mind. All of these metaphors of symbolism always point to the same effect. The quite mind, through stillness and discipline ascends into new realms of conscious awareness that takes the adept into dimensions of experience and knowledge.

Once again, creating some Sacred Geometry that is fundamental to David’s explanation of how science and spirituality can intertwine. David is a very interesting character. I have been listening to his words for years and I am honored to be able to work with him. In all the time I have listened to David’s information I have never heard him say some of the things he drops in his new


I love David I think he is awesome. One of the things about David that few people talk about is that he openly claims to be the reincarnation of the twentieth century mystic Edgar Cayce. Now Cayce himself claimed to be the direct reincarnation of RA-TA. An interesting character who allegedly first brought the idea of equality to the Atlanteans. Apparently at that time there were allot of “genetic anomalies” roaming around. Centuars, mermaids, half horse half man creatures. These beings were considered less than human and forced into slavery, which Ra Ta worked to change the custom of. Among many of the great works was RA TA achieved, his assistance in the migration of the Nordic ET races to Earth is most notable. This means that David is essentially calling himself an ancient Atlantean who is responsible for the migration of all blonde haired blue eyed people from space to Earth in the long ancient history.  This is why David claims, while addressing all current nordic looking people on the planet today that “IM YOUR DADDY”.

That is merely a side note for someone down the line to understand the true significance of. Today is big because for the first time David publicy acknowledges one of my favorite people in the world, David Icke.

On Jimmy Cash show Wilcock calls DAVID ICKE a “HERO”, which he is for the information which he has brought. Also David, after years of denying that there are any reptilian aliens now confirms that there  are several draconian races that are very similar to the things David Icke has been describing for decades.

Wilcock also mentions some key new movies which supposedly reveal a ton of “real” information disguised as entertainment. As we see in the new captain america, which starts off with the Lumerian Star reference. Lumeria being the first human civilization that actually made war with Atlantis, according to the esoteric history of our planet.

In the Winter Soldier, they openly talk about “Project Papperclip” and the history of the CIA (SHIELD) being corrupted by a “parasite from within”. Hydra being the metaphor for the Nazi scientists who were really brought over after WW2. Truth disguised as entertainment.

To make sure no one is mistaken, the characters say “Hail Hydra” and lift a hand to let you know who they are really talking about, if you have ears to hear. Which means the CIA is admitting they had access to German Aerospace technology after WW2.

Interesting that the CIA has announced that it is behind all of the UFO sightings.

This is an outlandish and ludicrous claim. This must be a reaction to all the new HD footage coming out of people filming out of this world craft hovering above major cities. This is a massive disinformation tactic, similar to a fat bully who claims to be responsible for all the wonders of the world.

In his book, David draws the conclusion that Hitler himself was the reincarnation of an ancient roman emperor. The argument is so compelling, when you read the book there are some synchronistic aspects to their parallel lives that suggest that time works in loops. This is my illustration which supposes the facial similarities.

Here we the SHIELD logo reference the “HOMELAND” making no mistakes that it is a CIA nod. As Robert Anton would say “Project Mindfuck is in full force”

In the movie, right at the moment where they say George Bushs’s famous quote “A New World Order” it cuts to this shot of a single eyed multi weaponed machine that is supposed to have targeted millions of american citizens poised from space to unleash complete annihilation by judgement and punishment of an all seeing A.I. algorithm.

Last Year I wrote an article explaining the connection of George Bush and his family to the German War agenda. His family was involved in supplying weapons and finance to the enemies of America during both world wars. There is also an esoterica aspect to this explained in the article I wrote with the following accompanying artwork. I am suggesting some overarching entity that is somehow involved with the family bloodline, influencing their decisions and directing their actions. Why is this one family  so involved with the CIA, the presidency and war and banking scandals through history.  The overlooking demon totem who the Bush family seem connected with may hold a key. Listen to Steven and I discuss this about SECRET KNOWLDGE-

There is also the Hollow Earth Theory which claims, as David Wilcock talks about in the above mentioned podcast, that the Nazi war machine retreated to the center of the Earth near Antartica which leads to a secret underground dwelling where shape shifting Nazi Reptillians still rule the Earth alongside prehistoric beasts of burden.

Nazis ridding dinosaurs and the inner earth featured in the IRON SKY trailer

An Albert Einstein Clone

A shape shifting Sara Palin overlooking the pyramid which connects the Hollow Earth inner Sun to some energy harvesting technology.

There is supposedly a real Nazi base much like this hidden on the dark side of the moon. Another clip from the new movie IRON SKY.

At the very same time we see the new trailer for JUPITER RISING- See the trailer

This is a still where we see a pan dimensional group peering through the veil at our earth. In this brief clip we see some Alien Greys of course, and a giant reptilian which fits the description of every David Icke and Phil Schnieder story.

He very much looks like some shadow people, perhaps looking in from their side.
Here is how they appear to us

More than just a character in a movie?

This is an inoculation. It is a feedback loop which leaks small amounts of truth into the public in order to inoculate them to the truth. So now, when you mention reptoids and inner earth and nazi ufos, they will say “you watch too many movies”.

A brief view of a very simple crop circle. A few years ago I made my own Crop Circle video which covers allot of the more beautiful and intricate crop circle formations along with some compelling music and quotes from our favorite minds. Watch the CROP CIRCLE VIDEO

At the end of all of this the only thing you should really be asking is
What is with White people and aliens? Seriously. Reptoids especially.

The serpent eats its tale, again and again around in circle of infinity.

In Jupiter Rising they talk about when the DNA realigns in perfect sequence that it is the scientific cause of the rebirth of a soul consciousness. “When the exact same genes appear in the exact same order, that is what you call reincarnation.”

Maybe someone is trying to tell us….SOME THING.

And talk about disclosure, Stuart Swerdlo is finally putting out his Montuak movie, with the real people involved. This is big

Personally I think this all points to a very bright future where our great grandchildren walk amongst the stars as masters of all dimensions.

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Suicide Girls Radio

I had the unique pleasure of  hanging out with the lovely and provocative SUICIDE GIRLS on their very own Suicide Girls Podcast! I had allot of fun with the girls talking about Esoteric Art, Music, Psychedelics and other shenanigans. Check out the full episode


Check out the ACOUSTIC DOOM excerpt of “Invocation Ritual”


Check out the Leggings Chloe Dabbles was wearing on the show

Use the code ” TOMD1 ” on CHECKOUT

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 This NEW ALBUM is a series of binaural tones which act as a multidimensional audio technology. When listened to in stereo at high volumes the tonal vibrations oscillate  the soul matrix into alignment with fifth and sixth dimensional frequencies which open connections in the mind and body chakra system. Each stage of the album raises the vibration of the listener and opens different channels within the listener which allow mediative support and body matrix upgrades. Such upgrades result in symptoms like; Super fast downloads of information, creative inspiration, and induced out of body astral travels. The entire record is intended to be a meditative tool to by pass the mind and raise the frequency vibration to better connect to the field of energy many might call soul. Forty minutes of sonic alchemy will leave the listener in a heightened state of awareness and being.

Creators of the I KLATUS sonic revel in the modalities of fire and change on this EQUIONX of 2014. These are sounds of the great reverberations of shifting energies in the universe.
If you are a star seed or have an extraterrestrial connection or are drawn to this music, then you can use it as a tool to connect to star family ancestors or other off world entities who have stories and information for you.  . Fans of Tangerine Dream and Tribes of Neurot and Merzbow might see the obvious influence on the band as they depart from any vocals or traditional guitars to make all the sounds on the album. A variety of vintage soft synths and found objects were run through effects and digital processes to make what is essentially a binaural tone meditative tool.

I KLATUS “VORTEX I” full album download CLICK HERE

This is a follow up to the studio album KETHER being some of the left over synth samples and soft moeg sounds implemented for that record.
More about the making of  “KETHER”

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Painting Miss Necro Nicki for the DMT music video

DMT “We Bring the Change”

I was hired by DMT to do the work of bringing to the world some vision of the fifth dimension. Here we see the band rocking out with my TAPESTRY designs adorning their stage. You can find out more about how you can get YOUR own awesome tapestry prints HERE.

Part of my task was to Transform the scourge of Hollywood, Miss Necro Nicki into a beautiful goddess, one of inner knowing, wisdom and peace.

Of course this was something I could achieve, with many many layers of paint.

Here we can see her becoming the warrior spirit being in the flesh. A third eye, a third dimensional avatar for some higher being channeled and represented in corporeal form.

Then She Became the godess according to my will

Then set to the duty of making her the shadow demon of nightmare and villany. Miss Necro plays this part well.

The Horrifying results haunt even my own nightmares. That terrible thing which dwells inside holds the reflection of the devils eyes.

The final keys to perception, gateways and messages from beyond transforming and liberating the mind of mortal man. The time is now.
Life imitates art …if you have the will to apply it

behind the scenes, my New Tapestry reacts to UV lighting in some surprising ways. Check it out—

Had a total blast working with everyone on this awesome video!
Video Edited by: Lord Zane…
Model and goddess: Necro Nicki

Get YOUR own prints similar to what you saw in the DMT music video…Available for a limited time 5 different designs.


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SANTOS collaboration PRINT

“EMBRACING THE SHADOW” This is a collaborative piece of artwork between myself and old school 7inch doom illustration legend SANTOS.
I  was still in art school when Santos was doing album covers for Grief and Noothgrush. It is quite an honor to share a canvas with him.

 This is a super limited run of full color sublimation prints on soft terry cloth blanket



Like an Iron on, the heat roller turns the image to steam and presses it
to the blank surface of the blanket

It rolls off the press in vibrant textural tones that you can really run your hands through!
This Blanket will make an excellent wall hanging or bed comforter.
Find out more about SUBLIMATION
See more artwork by SANTOS
IT STARTED as just a sketch! 
Then Santos added his Unique style of ink to my own make this a complete story.

Check out other blanket options


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Meditational Blanket ART PRINT

Your personal inward journey is a serious discipline.
These special Blankets are sublimated with intense geometrical patterns designed specifically as a meditative PORTAL

There are many ways to come to understand its properties
while the eye wanders through its various degrees of twists and turns the prattle of the daily mind settles like silt in churned up waters.
After time contemplating its many angles and symbols the pools of the imagination become clear so that the tides of  initiation can be understood.
By allowing your awakening eye to contemplate its intricacies and dance with its living patterns you come to find your Self.
PROSTRATION is a process of putting ones Self in a vulnerable situation for the purpose of veneration or psychedelic induction.

This blanket is mobile and perfect for physical genuflection yet while stationary trasnforms into your altar of meditative intent setting.
An alchemical process of sublimation is used to turn this artwork into steam,
then it is compressed under heat onto the soft permeable surface of this suitable blanket which will last you and your clan a lifetime
to be passed down through the generations.

This is a double sided blanket print depicted here.
To Gaze into its complicated geometries is to loose ones ego in a labyrinth of mind so that the subconscious can set to work downloading

The opposite side is no ordinary blanket,  it is a transdimensional Tool which contains fifth dimensional patterns and symbols
these aspects help channel energy in as well as push intent out into the universe via the power of a living void.

You can actually FEEL the energy coursing through the multidimensional complexities

They also happen to be Incredibly soft, not unlike like the skin of a newborn baby  unicorn

$150. Orders ship right away

Check out other blanket options


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Sadgiqacea Poster Print Available

I now have available solid grey poster prints with actual Gold ink!

Sadique, Tom Denney Art, Cyphlon

Check out this hand printed, hand numbered poster print of the Sadgiqacea/Hivelords show flyer. Made available now thanks to Earsplitters! The textured gold print makes it worth its weight in antimatter.

Tom Denney Art

It began as most things do, an idea, a ruff sketch. After time, the lines are rendered and it becomes more defined, more tangible.

The Raw Data, the black and white Ink, white like innocence, black like death.

Then the printing

This makes a great wall hanging. Its reflective nature lends itself to limitless meditation and transcendental thought provoking multifractal aspects of consideration. The symbols and movements stimulate glans within the brain for decoding and unlocking ancient forgotten powers from within. The twin serpents will activate your own innate primordial alchemy. Makes a fantastic x-mas present. Delivered to you rolled and shiny.

Now Available for $22.20 ! 

Dream Hope

Dont miss out on this opportunity to own one of only 50 hand printed gold foil posters.