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A Time Lapse look into my sketchbook

Prints of these are all available. See Below.


#2Pirate Girl

#3Lady Victory

Art prints of these are available, $20 Choose below


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pillow prints

These psychedelic pillows will enable greater and more connected DMT dreams when you lay your head upon their astounding geometrically activated atlantean aspects. All Pillow prints available by clicking their image.


Discover the Monstrosity of Nightmares “Lower Astral”


Get your own comfy pillow print of “THE GIAGAN CONNECTION”


The Waters of Initiation


Healing Song of Light.

Also check out all of my CELL PHONE CASES

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2015 out Right

Every new project starts with a vague idea in the mind, a pencil sketch. A roughly hewn treatment which with time, energy and rendering evolves into a clear picture which comes more and more into focus with every stage of development. This is how the idea starts for me.

From the pencil it goes on the light board where I ink using Micron Pens.

 Then some digital aspects for the finished image.

In this case I decided to keep an old black and white comic book vibe.  I ad some geometry to symbolize energy flow. My fifth dimensional geometric patterns are all inspired by and in direct symbolic reference to pranic energy flow, which I see in dreams and sometimes in waking vision.
I have allot of these patterns which you can look at on my pinterest Just looking at the patterns can trigger some subconscious effect. Some may induce mild euphoria or sensations of pressure on the crown or forehead.

Look close! You can buy prints of this image HERE

Whats with all the weird animations that I have been posting on my INSTAGRAM?
ts all a preview for the new NAGUAL SUN riffs. Check these riffs out in person at the next SHOW FEB 27.
The visuals are a brief glimpse at a new short film project called INTENTIONAL RETROGRADE

What is Intentional Retrograde? It is an experimental short film about
The Breath Giver and the battle with the Ocean Shadow…

Guess your going to have to find out more updates when you subscribe to…

I also have been working with Lindsay Hearts on her new line of black leather with black metal graphics. Most of what we are doing was inspired by this design I did for Lip Service…which I don’t think you can get this anymore.

Immense Blackened Ritualz of the Night, like this …


This is the final exclusive design I did for LINDSAY HEARTS

“Lilith of the Wood”
This blackened spawn of evil will raise the death chill in any spine when confronted in its many print forms. From tee shirts to brew satchels this touch of blackened voodoo from the depths of the darkest forrest is sure to enchant and destroy. Find out how you can get yours for free at
Lindsay Heart’s Kickstarter-

You can get one of EXCLUSIVE art prints on shirt or evil tote by becoming a backer to Lindsays Leather Launch. Its totally worth it, check out her rad video which tells you more.

LINDSAY HEARTS and I talk about this project and show off my new Paintings~

Check out Lindsay’s AWESOME KICKSTARTER .
Find out more-

CYPHLON now has a SOUNDCLOUD which is updated with gnarly sonic like this~

You can find me at ART TEMPLE at a series of live art/music events this summer 2015.
Stay up for more info. Serenity Gathering for certain.

Matrix Glitch shows up in plain view-Do you remember the Berenstein Bears, the bears from the books and 80z animated series?
No you don’t! Apparently there is no evidence that it was anything other than the BerenSTAIN Bear.

Which means someone changed the timeline in some way and as the authors of the popular children’s books say that it was always that way. So why do so many people “Remember” it. But try to find any physical evidence. Like me, I spent allot of time as a child remembering to pronounce Berenstein bears correctly that it engraved itself in my memory. We are in the future, time travel is already happening, now we can start to see some evidence into its rippling effects on everything except our memory.

Here is more evidence that we are LIVING IN THE FUTURE-

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Painting Miss Necro Nicki for the DMT music video

DMT “We Bring the Change”

I was hired by DMT to do the work of bringing to the world some vision of the fifth dimension. Here we see the band rocking out with my TAPESTRY designs adorning their stage. You can find out more about how you can get YOUR own awesome tapestry prints HERE.

Part of my task was to Transform the scourge of Hollywood, Miss Necro Nicki into a beautiful goddess, one of inner knowing, wisdom and peace.

Of course this was something I could achieve, with many many layers of paint.

Here we can see her becoming the warrior spirit being in the flesh. A third eye, a third dimensional avatar for some higher being channeled and represented in corporeal form.

Then She Became the godess according to my will

Then set to the duty of making her the shadow demon of nightmare and villany. Miss Necro plays this part well.

The Horrifying results haunt even my own nightmares. That terrible thing which dwells inside holds the reflection of the devils eyes.

The final keys to perception, gateways and messages from beyond transforming and liberating the mind of mortal man. The time is now.
Life imitates art …if you have the will to apply it

behind the scenes, my New Tapestry reacts to UV lighting in some surprising ways. Check it out—

Had a total blast working with everyone on this awesome video!
Video Edited by: Lord Zane…
Model and goddess: Necro Nicki

Get YOUR own prints similar to what you saw in the DMT music video…Available for a limited time 5 different designs.


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Meditational Blanket ART PRINT

Your personal inward journey is a serious discipline.
These special Blankets are sublimated with intense geometrical patterns designed specifically as a meditative PORTAL

There are many ways to come to understand its properties
while the eye wanders through its various degrees of twists and turns the prattle of the daily mind settles like silt in churned up waters.
After time contemplating its many angles and symbols the pools of the imagination become clear so that the tides of  initiation can be understood.
By allowing your awakening eye to contemplate its intricacies and dance with its living patterns you come to find your Self.
PROSTRATION is a process of putting ones Self in a vulnerable situation for the purpose of veneration or psychedelic induction.

This blanket is mobile and perfect for physical genuflection yet while stationary trasnforms into your altar of meditative intent setting.
An alchemical process of sublimation is used to turn this artwork into steam,
then it is compressed under heat onto the soft permeable surface of this suitable blanket which will last you and your clan a lifetime
to be passed down through the generations.

This is a double sided blanket print depicted here.
To Gaze into its complicated geometries is to loose ones ego in a labyrinth of mind so that the subconscious can set to work downloading

The opposite side is no ordinary blanket,  it is a transdimensional Tool which contains fifth dimensional patterns and symbols
these aspects help channel energy in as well as push intent out into the universe via the power of a living void.

You can actually FEEL the energy coursing through the multidimensional complexities

They also happen to be Incredibly soft, not unlike like the skin of a newborn baby  unicorn

$150. Orders ship right away

Check out other blanket options


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Painting the set of MIRK RIDERS

Visionary Director David Becker brought me on board to paint the set of his Pho-Black Metal Desert Rock doomchick band psychedelic travel witchy sisterhood film MIRK RIDERS.

The idea was to create a seedy, abusive alcohol alley aesthetic where the girls in the band have their back stage encounter with the drug crazed club owner.

The goal was to make it look aged and decrepit.

Here is Jaimie Bernadette wearing my hoodie on the finished Set
Here is Dave shooting his masterpiece

An actual scene from the movie

On set with the cast and crew including Dan Buran and Jim VanBebber (quite an experience being on set with Van Bebber) Also Victoria Taylor (No Taboo) And Joe Boscoe of the Bottle Chain, and the Damage Done

Check out DavidBeckers’s”MIRK RIDERS”

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 Over the years, I have done several epic pieces for a very unique and powerful music machine

Here are some of those pieces.

Here is Alorai wearing the shirt

A massive tempest of sound and fury culminates from their music and is replete within their chosen imagery.

Soon our Atlantean priestess will summon the power of the vortex and open up a portal into another dimension effectively phase shifting out of our known reality matrix.

The inking stage is always fun. The result though, is not fully manifest yet. Our Priestess still lacks her symbolic power.

Color. Now the finishing touches are complete.

Now we are able to travel through dimensions effortlessly  in order to find the truth of the core of that very nature of the universe itself.

So check out