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Solstice of the Blue Star

Timelapse of how I made this ritual Solstice Art Print. Tonight is the Winter Solstice when the crystal memories of the Lumerian Blue Star reflects within the minds eye of Magicians and Music makers. For in this passing between worlds tonight we remember that which we practiced for over many lifetimes, and the memory returns to muscle and the integration of conjuring skills is initiated at higher levels. Astral template awareness pours through that the ancient wizard tools unfold once again from within. This is my “Solstice of the Blue Star” art work.

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This is the process from pencil sketch, to ink to photoshop coloring as well as logo design for the band Valkyrium. Album out soon.

Here is the finished art. The goddess of the portal. She is the energy of the Earth between the four corners of the square within the tree of life. The ancient tribal roots run through all of us, for we are all warriors, and our mother is a warrior creator.

There is multiple encoded geometries and symbols in this artwork, and here is one which I will point out, the tree of life. This is the standard of multidimensional progression that a consciousness will take on its journey through existence. Each symbol is a grade of evolution, a standard of existence.  A great mystery, this tree of life. I write about it more in my book “Dawning of the Mind”

Here is another example of my photoshop process


IN CONCLUSION I will be one of the live artists at THE COSMIC CARNIVAL! Very excited, i will be bringing my visual projection devices!