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I made this video to detail my process of illustration and coloring using photoshop

This is almost like some alien abductee style art. I explain in the video how images like this tend to manifest of one single vision from a dream or hallucination.

Deep within the Reiki Healing emits through the hands and into the Antenna.
Check out how to get Art Prints of “The Healer of the Ant People”

You can even get this one as a duvet cover

Adorn your comfort zones with this healing soft PILLOW CASE



Lest we fail to mention ALUKAB! This ten piece webseries af mystery and mindcontrol will enthrall you to the bone. Watch the newest ebisodes and subscribe for more animations and bizarre glitch video straight out of the vortex.

If you enjoy the sounds of ALUKAB then know they are made by CYPHLON. Here is another new set of vortex swampmoon weirdness…

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A Time Lapse look into my sketchbook

Prints of these are all available. See Below.


#2Pirate Girl

#3Lady Victory

Art prints of these are available, $20 Choose below


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This is the process from pencil sketch, to ink to photoshop coloring as well as logo design for the band Valkyrium. Album out soon.

Here is the finished art. The goddess of the portal. She is the energy of the Earth between the four corners of the square within the tree of life. The ancient tribal roots run through all of us, for we are all warriors, and our mother is a warrior creator.

There is multiple encoded geometries and symbols in this artwork, and here is one which I will point out, the tree of life. This is the standard of multidimensional progression that a consciousness will take on its journey through existence. Each symbol is a grade of evolution, a standard of existence.  A great mystery, this tree of life. I write about it more in my book “Dawning of the Mind”

Here is another example of my photoshop process


IN CONCLUSION I will be one of the live artists at THE COSMIC CARNIVAL! Very excited, i will be bringing my visual projection devices!

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Autumn brings the Winds of the Nehalem

Autumn “Winds of the Nahelem” and the fourth blood moon Quatraine.
This is the fourth Super Blood Moon in a strange series of Blood Moons this year.
It marks the completion of many shifts in energy fields which exist all around us
invisible to our normal eyes.

Some may find difficulties in these changing tides of energy. Creative practices such as art, music and mediation are some key tools in order to compensate the symptoms of natural energy cycles. If you find yourself with emotional turbulence, setting your mind to a creative task such as painting can alleviate the psychic struggle and sometimes lead to great works of expression.

Putting the final touches on “Healing Hands” before the show at
THE GARAGE GALLERY 715 Garland ave Los Angeles

This image is on display and speaks about our inherent energy in our hands. Many cultures have called it by different names, but the fact seems to be that your palms emit tiny vortex’s of energy that interact with the energy fields around us. These fields can be manipulated with different allignments, mudras and meditations. “Healing Hands” depicts one of these powerful mudras which can be mimicked and practiced at home.

“Between the Inbetween”
On Display at the Garage Gallery in LA

This is “Dawn of Mind”
This is symbolic of the greatness of creation awakening within our imagination

Thanks to Trek Lewis and the Garage Gallery, my paintings will be hanging through October

My paintings will be there for the next six weeks along side some other stunning works of artistry worth seeing in person. Check back for the second opening at the garagegalery website

a quick view of the gallery~

Garage Gallery

A video posted by @tomdenney_art on

Also this Saturday the 19 I will be doing LIVE ART at the Orange County Deathfest

Here is some footage from last year along side the art of Tony Koehl

If you were not AWARE I have Tapestries and Ladies LEggings with my art!
I am really excited about my newest designs!

Two Cool styles featuring “Our Lady of Opportunity”~

Also available the most sacred “Geometra” style

Get those -

Your personal stargate. EXERCISE YOUR IMAGINATION.
To open the Portal Vortex, look through the eye inside your mind. Stargate recognition is done with the eye iside of the mind. Opening the Gate is opening your Imagination.
The Key for the gate to be activated.

Immense Changes in Energy can feel like emotional turbulence if you are open and perceptive. At times like this Autumnal Equinox it is easy to fall into depression or crippling self doubt as these powerful prana shifts flood in like the changing tides. Staying positive, and focused can feel almost impossible.

These are the gatekeepers to the vortex attempting to divert your vortex energy to their own agenda. These pesky entities need only be brushed away and disregarded like trash. It will take some  conscious effort to Rid your fields of These parasites. Mediation and visualization usually does the trick. Or visualize a Champion to do the dirty work for you, like a Ram or Bull charging through the fields. The vortex fields of energy which can be seen with the third eye, the imagination.

This is an opportunity to flex your determination and Willpower to be a Creator and trust in the flow of what is created. Over the next several days as we head into the weekend’s powerful Lunar Eclipse at the Supermoon it is integral for super sensitives to hold in mind goals, creative play, healthy lifestyles and creative processes. Though it can feel overwhelming for everyone, as this energy speeds up, even a hundred fold from the last super moon, remember this is the process and symptoms of upgrading. Remain creative, what you do is a direct reflection, building things out side of yourself will show you what is happening. This image “Winds of The Nehalem” is mine.

What does whisper to you in quite times?

Also Have you seen the link between the Mantis Alien People and my Pancakes and
Booze Body Art on the Lovely Lady Zelda? Worth the effort

We are seeing allot of things coming up. These mysterious ant like creatures seem to be showing up everywhere and influencing things with naught but a whisper. Who are they? What are they doing hanging out at the periphery of our reality? What secrets would be uncovered if this concept were really explored in a conscious venue.

The southwest United States is honey combed with underground alien nests, the equinoxes force these creatures to the surfaces where they desire to feed. Many humans are “poached” in rural areas and national parks. This is very frustrating to the government and the real reason why many national parks are closed at this time

Trust your inner vortex. Take care of it daily. Maintain a positive inner light and it will guide you through these changing energies as we travel through this wing of the multiverse as the greatest of spiritual adventurers. What adventure is complete without transformational adversaries and obstacles. Blast through the mountain and we will see the dawn of a new era of energy and psychic creative expansion.

This image which I stand before symbolizes this same principal of energy mastery. Find out more about my available TAPESTRIES

I have been working on allot of music lately, and I think recording sound is one of the most magical practices that can be undertaken. At times like the Fourth Blood Moon Quatraine energy polarities totally shift. Your body senses these sudden shifts and gets thrown off and Confusion and Self Doubt can be symptoms. A sort of emotional motion sickness as the Planet undergoes its journey. If you are finding yourself worried or all of your feelings are way deep inside you like boiling waters and your not sure which way is up anymore than this is a time for treatment with grounding to the planet.  Some times our thoughts seemingly betray and the task seems to great a burden. When these feelings arrive, it is a signal that you should most defiantly do the opposite of giving up  and instead create. Being Creative in the face of Self Doubt is the number one cure. Forcing yourself into the creativity vortex past the parasitic gatekeepers is the most mystical remedy to relieving depression. It is best over come by just turning on the the recording device and committing the act of contration with your creative self. Forcing the issue of creativity turns into simple creativity, and that soon leans to productive creativity. Leaving no room for thoughts of confusion or over self analisis, thusly grounding that shifting energy. Like Anchoring with the Earth as it shifts. Here is my version of dealing with “Self Doubt”
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”300″ iframe=”true” /] Give a  listen to my recent efforts and download for free

The portal gateway to creativity is opening. Inside every warrior is a sword of light. Which ever color yours burns hold it strong in your vision and in your heart. This is your psychic light saber to cut through the dimensions. It is your birth right yet not by birth alone can you harvest it. You must still earn it through trials of fortitude. If you can pass the guardians to your the portal vortex and you sabre of light, then you will be a portal master. Once a Master, you can achieve all levels of creation and flow through the dimensions almost effortlessly. Mind you the Air will be there to test you along the way.

If you are looking for pre-made designs for your personal project but don’t know exactly what will fit, take a look through my gallery of print ready designs waiting for your logo to fit…

A sketch of the Winds and the Messages which they bring. Are these the hidden faces of the Nehalem? Who is this starchild and what are these diamonds of the mind, pearls of the tounge, and jewels of the eye? Perhaps we should listen closer to the quite places, and hear what whispers arrive.

Your personal stargate. EXERCISE YOUR IMAGINATION. The Portal Vortex of the mind is opening your Imagination. Reach out to the Sun and dig into the Earth. Breath out and In. What is coming down from the sun will then be within. The key to the door of the mind is easy when you keep the inside sunny. Not just Solar energy, Soul energy.

Also Check out the NAGUAL SUN DEMO

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New Illustrations and Geometric Patternings

 What am I up to? Lots of art, patterns and illustration.
Here are some of the newest art works and endeavors which I am in the process of. The following is from the project I was inking just last night.

Using these Staedtler pens, instead of my usual Micron felt tips.
I decided that I prefer Microns, I believe that the Microns use real India Ink, resulting in a richer black tone.
This quality of ink is key.
I will return to my Microns on the next project.
Speaking of returning, it evokes that deja vou notion of Infinite Recursion.
The repeating module of an infinite fractal reality seems to superimpose itself onto this template of dimensionality.
This experience hints at something vastly more significant
as one finds themselves with one foot in this place, and another deeply immersed in the sublime.
These concepts are of great caliber

Over lapping multidimensional consciousness emanating from the parallel incarnate lives of some incomprehensible oversoul.
Perhaps closer Listening will open those elusive portals of perception.
Though one must be warned of what voices truly lie behind the veil of the unknown and expansive

Up close on the face of chaos, a formless void dreaming itself into our dimension, permeating our reality one slimy chaos tentacle at a time.
Stay tuned to my INSTAGRAM
To see more progress

Here I am in the middle of inking “Lost in the mystery of the Void”

The final version. Check out more of my art for THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN
Stay tuned to my INSTAGRAM
To see progress

I was once told by a Gnostic that the artwork which I create also works as a type of doorway.
The creatures which I draw exist on some other level and use my illustrations as a vehicle to permeate our world.
As I draw, the energies connecting to my subconscious step into manifestation, a para-reality tiptoe.

A profound inking experience.

Success for what ever consciousness tapped into mine, as its device is now ready transmit its unknown pandimensional intent.
This is a close up of the neo geometric Light of the Morning Star. Perhaps more of a PORTAL, or window into another relm.
Suggesting that the light, is in the mind.
Very real, very metaphysical, implying that the Pineal DEVICE is more of a bio mechanical technology rather than a simple gland.
How does one activate such a device?
Meditation and inward vision lends well to this awakening.
The Full finished Version for the band LARVAE

Some other Sketches


Collapsing wave functions as one milks ones own DMT through self lucidity



Sixth Dimensional Energy Downloads and Transmissions


I have new DESIGNS FOR SALE for all of your band needs or design hungers
Click bellow for more info and available designs

Like a window into the sixth dimension

This is a perfect tiled back ground for your computer
Download and apply!


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My Illustrations for the new David Wilcock book.

You may know David Wilcock as one of the researchers on the History channels Ancient Aliens program. His research bridges the gap between science and spirituality. Now that his new book is released, “Messages from the Sourcecode” I am able to post some of the art that I worked on for him to illustrate some of his concepts. The book is actually a greatly compelling read and I am totally proud to have been a part of it. Below are a couple of the images that were used.

Here is a Drawing of the enigmatic light emanating pine cone necklace of the mysterious feathered serpent deity Quetzalcoatl

These are the plutonic solids, which I drew by hand.

This is Pope John Paul displaying the pineal gland symbology encoded on the papal staff. This staff is passed down to the every leader of the very mysterious earth cult called Catholocisim. (A different version was used in the book)

This is the PROJECT LOOKING glass device, theory suggests that a secret Cabal within the United States Military Complex uses this technology that was reverse engineered from remnants of the Roswell Crash in 1947 to look forward and backwards through time.

In “The Source Field Investigations” David Wilcock presents the evidence to suggest that there was found in the desserts of Iraq a machine created during the time of babylon was in fear of being activated as a weapon by Sadam Hussein, which was the REAL reason for the 2003 invasion.
Any type of Gigantic machines, built by ancients, which simulates the pineal gland in order to peer through dimensions for whatever reason gets me really excited.
From the printed page of David Wilcocks book

For more information about all of these illustrations and concepts, I recommend you pick up the new book by David Wilcock. Here is some more info about that.