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Body Painting and Doom Riffs

Its been a busy time full of performance art and music.
Nagual Sun has been gearing up and sharpening the spear in order to head into the studio this week to record our new songs for an upcoming release. The following video is one of those new songs
Here is Nagual Sun perfrorming “Serpent Cults” in Hollywood last week

I was also doing art at the Pancakes and Booze art show in Los Angeles last weekend

I had the opportunity to transfor the lovely lady Zelda into a living piece of artwork

Even Tattoo’s can not compete with my paint.

The gallery was packed with cool art and people eating pancakes by the stack!


Atop one of my BLANKET ART PRINTS I left a brand new copy of my ARTBOOK out with the 3D glasses for all to enjoy and someone walked off with it.
Does it look free?

A great night of creating and experiencing art with friends. I will post more pics as I find them.

A very alien creation

More about this stunning phenomenon on my instagram

See more of my BODY ART here

Brand new designs!!! just click the image

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ARTBEAT in Los Angeles

I paint while bands play or while speakers talk at a variety of events. I have performed as an artist at the Roxy in hollywood, The Third Eye Gathering, Lighting in a Bottle, The Hive Gallery events,Cannibal Flower, The Conscious Life Expo, Los Angeles Murderfest and many more. I only have pictures from a few of these events which I have now compiled into this cunning blog. The following is My Own Modest Temple of ARt which travels with me

Behold some of the acrylic wonders I am able to produce under the scrutiny and awe of a live audience, as the art itself unfolds quickly in just a matter of hours, leaving spectators with a sense of entertainment and satisfaction as they see a piece begin as a blank canvas and develop into a tangible creation of art. I bring allot of energy to my live art with broad brush strokes and techniques that I don’t usually employ in my illustrations. I am available to do live art performance at any location or time, I have all my own equipment to do so. Just contact me!
My next two events will be in LA.

From bodies to Large Set Decoration. Get the whole story on painting the set of MIRK RIDERS

Painting Zelda at the Pancakes and Booze art show

Body Painting Nicki Necro for the DMT music Video

At Cannibal Flower

Painting Bodies at the Belasco