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I KLATUS analog discography

The Band I KLATUS release in one package the analog version of 3 albums






I Klatus releases complete physical discography $20 + shipping! Includes  the orignal  SURVEILLANCE and WORSHIP on CD, KETHER double! 2×12″  180 deluxe Vinyl, and NAGUAL SUN on classic super polymer analog cassette. Vinyl and cassette include digital downloads. NAGUAL SUN can be downloaded or streamed digitally immediately after purchase. We’ve also discounted KETHER vinyl to $15, and the full digital discography to $12. All available in LIMITED QUANTITIES so get yours before it is gone

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I KLATUS release new album and video

The band I Klatus has been making noise since 2001. This is the latest…
The full lenght drops OCT 13-
This is the video for “BENEATH THE WAVES”

“Beneath The Waves” presents its sound, raw, desert and stoner, where Tom Denney with his guitar and voice, nicknamed the madness, leaves us his deliriums, in which we enter slowly but without pause. The presence of Chris Wozniak in the percussion and the bass of John Bomher, increase the atmosphere and the density of the compositions, but that we have a surprise provided by the fourth member of the band Robert Bauwens, that is in charge of the robotic passages and gongs that resonate in the album, giving a different touch to the ensemble. This is shown in the robotic chorus of this first cut, which I love.”- Review from Necromance Digital Magazine