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 This NEW ALBUM is a series of binaural tones which act as a multidimensional audio technology. When listened to in stereo at high volumes the tonal vibrations oscillate  the soul matrix into alignment with fifth and sixth dimensional frequencies which open connections in the mind and body chakra system. Each stage of the album raises the vibration of the listener and opens different channels within the listener which allow mediative support and body matrix upgrades. Such upgrades result in symptoms like; Super fast downloads of information, creative inspiration, and induced out of body astral travels. The entire record is intended to be a meditative tool to by pass the mind and raise the frequency vibration to better connect to the field of energy many might call soul. Forty minutes of sonic alchemy will leave the listener in a heightened state of awareness and being.

Creators of the I KLATUS sonic revel in the modalities of fire and change on this EQUIONX of 2014. These are sounds of the great reverberations of shifting energies in the universe.
If you are a star seed or have an extraterrestrial connection or are drawn to this music, then you can use it as a tool to connect to star family ancestors or other off world entities who have stories and information for you.  . Fans of Tangerine Dream and Tribes of Neurot and Merzbow might see the obvious influence on the band as they depart from any vocals or traditional guitars to make all the sounds on the album. A variety of vintage soft synths and found objects were run through effects and digital processes to make what is essentially a binaural tone meditative tool.

I KLATUS “VORTEX I” full album download CLICK HERE

This is a follow up to the studio album KETHER being some of the left over synth samples and soft moeg sounds implemented for that record.
More about the making of  “KETHER”