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 This NEW ALBUM is a series of binaural tones which act as a multidimensional audio technology. When listened to in stereo at high volumes the tonal vibrations oscillate  the soul matrix into alignment with fifth and sixth dimensional frequencies which open connections in the mind and body chakra system. Each stage of the album raises the vibration of the listener and opens different channels within the listener which allow mediative support and body matrix upgrades. Such upgrades result in symptoms like; Super fast downloads of information, creative inspiration, and induced out of body astral travels. The entire record is intended to be a meditative tool to by pass the mind and raise the frequency vibration to better connect to the field of energy many might call soul. Forty minutes of sonic alchemy will leave the listener in a heightened state of awareness and being.

Creators of the I KLATUS sonic revel in the modalities of fire and change on this EQUIONX of 2014. These are sounds of the great reverberations of shifting energies in the universe.
If you are a star seed or have an extraterrestrial connection or are drawn to this music, then you can use it as a tool to connect to star family ancestors or other off world entities who have stories and information for you.  . Fans of Tangerine Dream and Tribes of Neurot and Merzbow might see the obvious influence on the band as they depart from any vocals or traditional guitars to make all the sounds on the album. A variety of vintage soft synths and found objects were run through effects and digital processes to make what is essentially a binaural tone meditative tool.

I KLATUS “VORTEX I” full album download CLICK HERE

This is a follow up to the studio album KETHER being some of the left over synth samples and soft moeg sounds implemented for that record.
More about the making of  “KETHER”

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New Illustrations and Geometric Patternings

 What am I up to? Lots of art, patterns and illustration.
Here are some of the newest art works and endeavors which I am in the process of. The following is from the project I was inking just last night.

Using these Staedtler pens, instead of my usual Micron felt tips.
I decided that I prefer Microns, I believe that the Microns use real India Ink, resulting in a richer black tone.
This quality of ink is key.
I will return to my Microns on the next project.
Speaking of returning, it evokes that deja vou notion of Infinite Recursion.
The repeating module of an infinite fractal reality seems to superimpose itself onto this template of dimensionality.
This experience hints at something vastly more significant
as one finds themselves with one foot in this place, and another deeply immersed in the sublime.
These concepts are of great caliber

Over lapping multidimensional consciousness emanating from the parallel incarnate lives of some incomprehensible oversoul.
Perhaps closer Listening will open those elusive portals of perception.
Though one must be warned of what voices truly lie behind the veil of the unknown and expansive

Up close on the face of chaos, a formless void dreaming itself into our dimension, permeating our reality one slimy chaos tentacle at a time.
Stay tuned to my INSTAGRAM
To see more progress

Here I am in the middle of inking “Lost in the mystery of the Void”

The final version. Check out more of my art for THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN
Stay tuned to my INSTAGRAM
To see progress

I was once told by a Gnostic that the artwork which I create also works as a type of doorway.
The creatures which I draw exist on some other level and use my illustrations as a vehicle to permeate our world.
As I draw, the energies connecting to my subconscious step into manifestation, a para-reality tiptoe.

A profound inking experience.

Success for what ever consciousness tapped into mine, as its device is now ready transmit its unknown pandimensional intent.
This is a close up of the neo geometric Light of the Morning Star. Perhaps more of a PORTAL, or window into another relm.
Suggesting that the light, is in the mind.
Very real, very metaphysical, implying that the Pineal DEVICE is more of a bio mechanical technology rather than a simple gland.
How does one activate such a device?
Meditation and inward vision lends well to this awakening.
The Full finished Version for the band LARVAE

Some other Sketches


Collapsing wave functions as one milks ones own DMT through self lucidity



Sixth Dimensional Energy Downloads and Transmissions


I have new DESIGNS FOR SALE for all of your band needs or design hungers
Click bellow for more info and available designs

Like a window into the sixth dimension

This is a perfect tiled back ground for your computer
Download and apply!


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Painting the set of MIRK RIDERS

Visionary Director David Becker brought me on board to paint the set of his Pho-Black Metal Desert Rock doomchick band psychedelic travel witchy sisterhood film MIRK RIDERS.

The idea was to create a seedy, abusive alcohol alley aesthetic where the girls in the band have their back stage encounter with the drug crazed club owner.

The goal was to make it look aged and decrepit.

Here is Jaimie Bernadette wearing my hoodie on the finished Set
Here is Dave shooting his masterpiece

An actual scene from the movie

On set with the cast and crew including Dan Buran and Jim VanBebber (quite an experience being on set with Van Bebber) Also Victoria Taylor (No Taboo) And Joe Boscoe of the Bottle Chain, and the Damage Done

Check out DavidBeckers’s”MIRK RIDERS”

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The Four Horsemen

The Four horsemen of the apocalypse are some of the most iconic figures from the mysterious book of Revelations. Interpreted differently through out the centuries, I was given the chance to render my own.
This is from my modern perspective.

John, apostle of Jesus had a vivid trans-dimensional encounter which downloaded him with horrible images of our world at its’ end. Each rider is symbolic of a particular scourge of humanity. With the Orwellian big brother scenario at our doorstep and the rapidly increasing earth changes feverishly in effect it is easy to recognize the signs. We are living in amazing times, very exciting to be living through this very real Armageddon .It promises to touch every one of us in some personal way, yet to be revealed.

PESTILENCE-The modern locust, the breaking down of our immune system with GM food engineering, daily chemical dousing from chemtrails to fluoride and flu vaccines. The barrage of bio warfare can’t be denied. We are at the mercy of big brothers political agenda.

CONQUEST-What greater than the sublimation of our personal divinity to that of a hijacked religious institution which teaches that we are all born with sin, and inherently evil. Thusly severing any sense of a connection with the divine. We need a new church, one that combines the left and right of Quantum Science and the earth-tune shamanism of old. What great truths about ourselves would be relearned?

WAR-an ancient principle that pits brother against brother while the hidden agenda makes the top players rich. Where would things go if this was crossed off the list of options for problem solving?
Or at the very least, if everyone refused to kill in the name of someone else or under order of a rulling figure.

DEATH-Saturated with fear, actually a transition state, no different than the dream world. If we would stop being afraid, it would loose all hold, and we could see through it.

Here is how the geometry fits

See where the pentagon lays

I am no cartographer, but this should illustrate my intent. “The lands west of the Euphraties”.