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A Time Lapse look into my sketchbook

Prints of these are all available. See Below.


#2Pirate Girl

#3Lady Victory

Art prints of these are available, $20 Choose below


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Sublimating Tony Koehl’s Artwork

 Most of who I am as a professional artist was personally developed over years of good impact and indoctrination by best friend and shaman mentor TONY KOEHL
It is no understatement to observe what an honor it is to return  the immeasurable influence on my personal development not only as an artist,
but truly as a human, than by using my current position to see to the manufacturing of Tony’s art on the largest scale ever!

Tony Kohl, tony Kohel, Art

 Sublimation is a technology where special paper is printed where the ink turns to steam under heat.
Once steam, the ink will immediately adhere to any surface under pressure. In this case, we want to print on spun polly cotton fabric.

It is very important to line up the fabric on the print without any wrinkles or folds


Its purely an alchemical process. Turning that which came from the imagination into steam which congeals  into physical manifestation

 True Sorcery, the mastery of Source

Manifestation of the Imaginatory forces at work

 So it unfolds. Now we have real tangible evidence that THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS… This is the imposition of the will of the creator.

Here is what the giant artwork looks like once printed on  fabric

Stay up to date with everything Tony Koehl is doing (which is always allot!) at WWW.SKETCHTHESOUL.COM

 So interesting to watch the sublimation process unfold.
The blurry line between magic and machinery in this dimension

 Stay up to date with everything Tony Koehl is doing (which is always allot!) at WWW.SKETCHTHESOUL.COM

Here is  a sneak peek of my OWN sublimated project…MORE DETAILS SOON!!!!
Follow my TWITTER to stay up.

And when Tony Koehl and Cyphlon Jam…it sounds like THIS

See that Beetle Broach on Tony Koehl’s Hat–-I made that, bug out on it
Thanks Tony for being A+Homie#1 

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BIG book of “Metal and Hardcore Graphics”

It was a massive effort that took years to complete. The coordination of over one hundred of the metal undergrounds most brutal artists to be featured in one massive manuscript, a sort of tomb of the modern day grotesque and extreme album art and imagery. I was happy to be invited onto this project and am glad to be able to feature it here for the first time.

My this book y Cristian Campos available here-

This is my page, I was lucky enough to have several pieces featured in my own spread. It was no small task for the editors to arrange the hundreds and hundreds of artworks from designers around the world, creating the albums and aesthetic of the most brutal music book know to man. I am certainly glad Cristian Campos felt up to the duty.

My Art in the  book Of "Metal and Hardcore Graphics"  by Cristian Campos available here-

As you can see, this is a very thick book. I highly recommend owning this for yourself simply due to the never ending amounts of pages filled to the brim with tremendous excerpts from just about every metal acts artistic catalogue. This is the cover art from Continent of Ash, which never was released due to record label troubles. Here it is published for perhaps the only time ever.

My art in the "Metal and Hardcore Graphics" book available here-

HERE are my two friends Tony Koehl and John Santos featured on the same spread. It is very cool to see my self and my associates honored in this manner. Everyone would do well to pay a little respect to artists who KEEP IT BRUTAL!

Here is a great video where you can virtually thumb through the pages yourself.

Virtual tour of Metal Art Book

So on behalf of everyone involved, I would highly encourage you to support the creation and sustaining of endeavors like this by PURCHASING A COPY of the BOOK for yourself. It really is a beautiful and well manufactured table top oddity by which you may impress ALL of your friends. No doubt you yourself will find endless hours of enjoyment at the epic amount of visual stimuli, interviews and photographs available in this book by Cristian Campos. Follow this link.