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Watch this time lapse video witch captures the steps from sketch to ink.

Summer Solstice Ritual Art. Time lapse unfolds the process of psychic divination into tangible physicality.
Song- “Sophia” by Cyphlon –

You can get prints of this image- HERE

Heavy metaphoric channeling of cellular memory of a higher frequency waveband field induces paradoxical consciousness. Otherwise known as the longest day of the year. A stargate within the mind is the pineal legacy. This is an inner technology, the receiving of the #holygrail #3rdeye #pineal #pathway #technology #illustration #timelapse #art #solstice #stargate #metaphor #penandink #tomdenney_art #illustration

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ALUKAB episode 6



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The Resurrection of ALUKAB and the 20 year time loop brings Episode 6. The Psychic warfare reveals itself as Mister Suitich makes his way through a labrinth of madness. The continuing story of self awareness and esoteric unfoldment brings us to the discovery of orbital mind control laser systems and the fifth dimensional infrastructure which enables their tyranny over human thought. The discovery of this belongs to one lone reporter that members of an undisclosed group of desert dwelling mystics are secretly manipulating by way of deadly mind control frequencies, transmitted through ominous towers placed through out every metropolitan city in America. How can VHS tape be used to control minds.. The mystery continues to unfold as we discover where the lost VHS has been taken and the consequences which befall those who misuse the meditation cube. Featuring Chris Wozniak, BrenNoid MoonFaze, Max DeRouche, Mike MceVoy, Will Wulf, Jason McDaniel, and John Bomher

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SEPTEMBER 11th Gallery Show

Over 20 different presentations by professional and upcoming artists of varying performance practices, including-but not limited to-traditional painting, sculpture and installation, and live music acts. $5 suggested donation-spirits will be provided.A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Santa Monica Homeless Shelter OPCC in an effort to help the less fortunate members of our community.


Please enter through alley between 2nd and 3rd street on the second block, parking structure provides free 90-minute parking.


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2015 out Right

Every new project starts with a vague idea in the mind, a pencil sketch. A roughly hewn treatment which with time, energy and rendering evolves into a clear picture which comes more and more into focus with every stage of development. This is how the idea starts for me.

From the pencil it goes on the light board where I ink using Micron Pens.

 Then some digital aspects for the finished image.

In this case I decided to keep an old black and white comic book vibe.  I ad some geometry to symbolize energy flow. My fifth dimensional geometric patterns are all inspired by and in direct symbolic reference to pranic energy flow, which I see in dreams and sometimes in waking vision.
I have allot of these patterns which you can look at on my pinterest Just looking at the patterns can trigger some subconscious effect. Some may induce mild euphoria or sensations of pressure on the crown or forehead.

Look close! You can buy prints of this image HERE

Whats with all the weird animations that I have been posting on my INSTAGRAM?
ts all a preview for the new NAGUAL SUN riffs. Check these riffs out in person at the next SHOW FEB 27.
The visuals are a brief glimpse at a new short film project called INTENTIONAL RETROGRADE

What is Intentional Retrograde? It is an experimental short film about
The Breath Giver and the battle with the Ocean Shadow…

Guess your going to have to find out more updates when you subscribe to…

I also have been working with Lindsay Hearts on her new line of black leather with black metal graphics. Most of what we are doing was inspired by this design I did for Lip Service…which I don’t think you can get this anymore.

Immense Blackened Ritualz of the Night, like this …


This is the final exclusive design I did for LINDSAY HEARTS

“Lilith of the Wood”
This blackened spawn of evil will raise the death chill in any spine when confronted in its many print forms. From tee shirts to brew satchels this touch of blackened voodoo from the depths of the darkest forrest is sure to enchant and destroy. Find out how you can get yours for free at
Lindsay Heart’s Kickstarter-

You can get one of EXCLUSIVE art prints on shirt or evil tote by becoming a backer to Lindsays Leather Launch. Its totally worth it, check out her rad video which tells you more.

LINDSAY HEARTS and I talk about this project and show off my new Paintings~

Check out Lindsay’s AWESOME KICKSTARTER .
Find out more-

CYPHLON now has a SOUNDCLOUD which is updated with gnarly sonic like this~

You can find me at ART TEMPLE at a series of live art/music events this summer 2015.
Stay up for more info. Serenity Gathering for certain.

Matrix Glitch shows up in plain view-Do you remember the Berenstein Bears, the bears from the books and 80z animated series?
No you don’t! Apparently there is no evidence that it was anything other than the BerenSTAIN Bear.

Which means someone changed the timeline in some way and as the authors of the popular children’s books say that it was always that way. So why do so many people “Remember” it. But try to find any physical evidence. Like me, I spent allot of time as a child remembering to pronounce Berenstein bears correctly that it engraved itself in my memory. We are in the future, time travel is already happening, now we can start to see some evidence into its rippling effects on everything except our memory.

Here is more evidence that we are LIVING IN THE FUTURE-

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More and more people are becoming aware of the sonic doom experiment called I KLATUS. Especially in this day where many of the bands early musical predictions have come to pass. It has been a small endeavour of mine to create motion graphics and animation to the entire album called “SURVEILLANCE & WORSHIP” which is the bands 2008 release. Over time I have done so song by song to my convenience. This video has taken years to create and finalize because of random amounts of CHAOS and technology/elve made mischief which surrounded the 2011 cycle. Mostly due to a hard drive crash which almost halted this project entirely. It took the skilled mastery of the ever famous producer Eric Yoder, leader of the mighty Horse Drawn Studio army (where I klatus is usually found loitering and recording their albums) to save the day. He single handedly acted as James Bond to manifest the entire scenario to the point where he actually snuck the crashed hard drive into a major corporate data recovery laboratory and switched labels to trick them into fixing it. So was the method of recovering the raw data files of this I Klatus video and luring it back from the void. Here and Now I AM finally success filled in the act releasing this video onto an expactant universe. The amounts of synchronicity and random alignments of people, scenarios and events that enable this video to exist is stacked so high, and in essence is so unlikely that the very reality of your ability to watch this video is itself evidence of some higher power intervention.The very Alchemical and Non Unified story of I KLATUS, “The Rift” suggests a random encounter with a pandimensional gateway into another world where an energy lays awaiting its day where all the universe will be destroyed by the utterance of a simple yet devastating phrase. Will you be the one to speak this phrase and hence forth unravel the very fabric of space and time? Symbolicly I represent “The rift” as this animated and layered sequence of imagery available here for the first time …

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ST. VITUS animations on tour NOW

I was invited again by veteran classic doom legends ST. VITUS to create something visually compelling and in assistance to their music via projection. The requirement was for “lots of pot”. This made for a really fun project and opportunity to create all new animations. You may notice the owl, which is my first attempt at wings in motion, hand drawn flight. Here is a segment from the hour long series of 10 minute animation progressions.

It is something entirely different to see it live. They are doing some extensive touring right now with this animation as their backdrop in select cities. I am excited for them to play LA soon, with this being shown while the band actually plays will be mind-blowing!

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My animations on comedy show Backwash

Below is the show called BACKWASH witch is an original internet series released by Sony staring Michael Ian Black and Sarah Silverman. I was the inker and color fella, so I actually didn’t draw the characters, I just worked on the production line. However, my name still made the credits. Check out the link below or go to and watch backwash season one episode 13.

BACKWASH season one episode 13


Its pretty trippy and weird.