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SANTOS collaboration PRINT

“EMBRACING THE SHADOW” This is a collaborative piece of artwork between myself and old school 7inch doom illustration legend SANTOS.
I  was still in art school when Santos was doing album covers for Grief and Noothgrush. It is quite an honor to share a canvas with him.

 This is a super limited run of full color sublimation prints on soft terry cloth blanket



Like an Iron on, the heat roller turns the image to steam and presses it
to the blank surface of the blanket

It rolls off the press in vibrant textural tones that you can really run your hands through!
This Blanket will make an excellent wall hanging or bed comforter.
Find out more about SUBLIMATION
See more artwork by SANTOS
IT STARTED as just a sketch! 
Then Santos added his Unique style of ink to my own make this a complete story.

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Collaboration with John Santos Jr

A long time ago, fellow illustrator John Santos Jr. and I decided to do a collaboration of art together. I did my half, and after much time, Santos finished his.

Here is the resulting work;

Poster prints will be made available in march by BLACKBIRD clothing!
The image is interesting because we see the feminine anima figure, or projection of the feminine being attacked by carion and shadow structures. Just recently I did a podcast with LA artist Joe Torres where we talk about these shadows that persist in daily life and influence us subconsciously. The Gnostics would call these archons.

Listen to our one hour discussion:

I am very excited to be offering my first promo package of the new decade!

NEW 2010 PACK!!!

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