I KLATUS releases the new 2014 Album "VORTEX I" as a free download. Download yours now to corelate with this seasons' Equinox Continue reading

New Illustrations and Geometric Patternings

Metaphysical Higher Dimensional Quantum soul Integration through creative output, images! Also links to my new instagram Continue reading

Painting the set of MIRK RIDERS

Painting the set of David Becker's controversial Pho-Black Metal short film "MIRK RIDERS", The Mirk Riders is a movie about what you can't escape. Seen through the eyes and memory of band leader, Eve, as she leads her coven through a psychotropic paganistic drug fueled romp across the desert after their last show of their tour. Continue reading

The Four Horsemen

The Four horsemen of the apocalypse are some of the most iconic figures from the mysterious book of Revelations. Interpreted differently through out the centuries, I was given the chance to render my own. This is from my modern perspective.

John, apostle of Jesus had a vivid trans-dimensional encounter which downloaded him with horrible images of our world at its’ end. Each rider is symbolic of a particular scourge of humanity. With the Orwellian big brother scenario at our doorstep and the rapidly increasing earth changes feverishly in effect it is easy to recognize the signs. We are living in… Continue reading


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Recent Art